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  1. I have an issue with my 2018 Chevy 2500. I bought the truck and put about 3000 miles on it and then added a leveling kit and Toyo 275/65/20 tires. On smooth asphalt interstates is where I notice the vibration the most. Concrete interstates it is not very noticeable. Originally we thought it was the Toyo tires and I had 2 replaced. The dealership failed badly trying to force balance the tires and even told me the two new ones were out of round that ended up not being true at all. I called Toyo direct and they set me up with one of their premier dealers and they have forced balanced all 4 t
  2. I have a new 2018 Chevy 2500hd Diesel. I purchased LED High Beams and an HID Low Beam kit from the retrofit source. Installed everything on Sunday. Installed high beams first and tested and they worked. Then I tackled the HID low beams and got them working. This morning I had to go out of town early and noticed my LED high beams are not working. HID lows are working fine. It appears as though the High beams are not fused separately from the lows. I checked the headlight fuse (58) and it is fine. Any idea what I should check to get the LED high beams working? Odd that I checked them initially a
  3. Would these work in a 2016 Suburban? They look great and I would love to try a set.
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