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  1. Walk in and immediately ask for invoice price, & tell them your going to start there. If they say no or anything besides a positive response walk.
  2. It might have been a bait and switch. She ended up at chevy and left in a brand new equinox no idea how chevy made that possible
  3. I had a friend who’s mom bought a car and within a week had to return it because i think she lied on the application and the loan wouldn’t go through. They sold her something else
  4. has anyone leased in a while? Im looking for the cc ltz z71 with 6.2
  5. You seem like the type of person who barely can afford a truck and wishes they could mod it. Literally everything you've said sounded like someone who barely makes it by. It his choice all he's trying to is achieve & get information as to whether he can/will get better gas mileage by doing certain mods. Not how long it will take for said mods to pay off in fuel economy savings.
  6. Wth do you guys use your batterys for? Shit i get an easy 5 years on mine. With a stereo system. Upgraded though before the battery started to go out to an xs power battery Like stated get a battery maintainer
  7. I plan on switching out mine on my next truck day one for some toyo ats
  8. I had a pair on my silverado. Did 40K with them and totally abused them, offroad burnouts etc. they held up prety well
  9. Lmao people complaining about price on the higher end wheels. Have you ever priced out a headlight? Just one side from GM. If you can't afford the wheels when you get the truck just get aftermarket there's no sense putting high country rims on a WT or LS. The prices are based off what GM sells them for, why would someone take them off and get new rims and just give them away for nothing?
  10. what about going with alpine r & x with pdx amps.?i would just say really think about it brand new jl audio stuff sells top dollar but resale drops considerably. also most people end up not being happy with what they get. ex. highs lack, or are to bright/ mids non exsistent, or not enough bass. so just keep on mind of you drop that much you still might not be happy with it. Jl audio is not a bad company just expensive.
  11. are you stuck on jl audio? another thing you could do is buy everything online, but with jl audio going to be hard to get everything cheap.
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