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  1. A/C Condenser

    The same thing happened to me on my first visit. They claimed they couldn't find the leak, put dye in and recharged. A few weeks later, no AC. After 5 visits, my AC is currently working but I'm 99.9% sure it's going to die again. I will never, never, never, buy a GM vehicle again.
  2. A/C Condenser

    If this is the same exact part for our truck, how is it even legal for GM not to post a similar 'Special Coverage' for us? Mine went at 2,089 miles and they replaced it with the same crappy one last year.
  3. A/C Condenser

    And it's definitely the redesigned one they put in when the first failed? Mine failed at 3,000 miles. They installed the original designed one because the re-designed wasn't released yet. This was last year.
  4. Hi folks, I have another issue with my truck. Since day one of owning my truck, I leave my climate control to 70 with the Auto button on. This morning while driving to work on a colder day (around 30 degrees), I noticed very little warm air coming out of the vents. If it push one of the vent position buttons on, warm air comes out fine (for the specified vents). If I push the Auto button again, it goes back to barely any air coming out. While on Auto, if I crank the heat to Hi, I can hear the air kick in more in the front window defroster area but it's as if the air is circulating within the dash, not much coming out the defroster vents. The other vents still have almost no warm air coming out at Hi. What could be the issue? I really don't want to bring the truck down to the dealer again. I only have 3,646 miles on it and it's been to the dealer 5 times already for faulty AC components. Bought new in April 2016. I've brought it down to the dealer so far for the following: 2016-09 @1,412 miles : AC stopped working - claim they couldn't find leak, re-add dye & refrigerant (over 50% low) 2016-10 @1,692 miles : AC stopped working - replaced AC expansion value 2017-04 @2,089 miles : AC stopped working - replaced AC condenser with another gen1 condenser (gen2 wasn't available yet) 2017-06 @2,525 miles : AC stopped working - replaced AC expansion value again & seals 2017-08 @2,826 miles : AC stopped working - replaced AC evaporator core
  5. A/C Condenser

    $250 on a truck with115K miles on it, that's an awesome deal.
  6. A/C Condenser

    Hopefully a separate one comes out for the trucks.
  7. My 2016 SLT 5.3L crew-cab all-terrain standard-bed factory tires gets about 15.92 mpg. This is 95% driving around town. I very rarely take it on the highway and I remote start my truck for 2 minutes.
  8. A/C Condenser

    Interesting... wonder if they will do this with us. My old Acura had a transmission flaw which they did a similar thing. Instead of doing a recall, they extended the warranty for just the transmission. My tranny went within a year of the car being new.
  9. A/C Condenser

    I highly recommend complaining to your AG. This should be a recall. I don't understand how GM is getting away with this.
  10. A/C Condenser

    No product bulletin number, no recall, no nothing. You have to wait until your condenser goes.
  11. A/C Condenser

    Mine went at 2,089 miles (under a year old)
  12. A/C Condenser

    I wish you luck. I also have a 2016 with only 3,000 miles on it. I've brought my truck down 5 times so far to get the AC fixed. On the 3rd visit, they replaced the AC condenser with another faulty designed condenser (the redesigned one wasn't available yet). On my 5th visit, another AC component failed but I logged a GM ticket anyways asking them to replace the condenser with the re-designed one. They wouldn't do it. Even though I've brought my truck down 5 times now for the AC, showing proof that I have a lemon, they still wouldn't replace the condenser. I went off on the GM guy on the phone about it. I also gave my dealer a very poor service review for my 5th visit. The dealer claimed GM wouldn't let them replace the condenser while GM told me the dealer didn't want to replace the condenser. Basically each pointing the finger at the other.
  13. A/C Condenser

    2017 models also have the faulty designed condenser depending if they were manufactured early. If you are buying a new truck, I'd find out if it has the redesigned one before buying it. You don't want to be like me and have to bring your truck in 5 times to get the AC fixed (they replaced my faulty designed one with another faulty designed one). I have to wait until my 2nd faulty designed one fails before they replace it with the 'good' one. I'm not happy about it and went off on the GM guy about it.

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