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  1. VERY light off road. I have a wrangler for serious off roading. So I guess i'm more for the look and the "just in case" scenario, if I need it, I have it. I would have preferred the 18's but the only trucks on the lot that I liked had the optional 20's. Scott
  2. I had come to hate the limited package. It was a 4wd "street" truck, 22's with street tires. When I bought it I was admittedly drawn to the new look and all the tech stuff. I like trucks that are set up more for off road. I ended up leasing it so I never bothered replacing the wheels/tires. So a couple weeks ago my salesman texted me and asked if I still had the truck. I guess the used car market is really hot now and they were trying hard to get them. At first I thought it was a typical dealer gimmick but come to find out it's true, it wasn't just them, lots of dealers are looking for
  3. Back into a GM truck after 3 years. 2020 Sierra AT4 Carbon Pro with the Duramax. Loving this truck! Coming off a 2019 Ram 1500 limited. There are certain little details I like better about the Ram but overall I'm enjoying driving this truck a lot more! Scott
  4. I get flashed a lot so i'll be looking into turning mine down a little.
  5. Mine are noisey as well. Glad to know its somewhat common.
  6. HID i think, im not totally sure lol. Whatever comes with the 16 LTZ
  7. I really like the headlights on my 16. Only complaint is now I get flashed thinking my high beams are on like I used to get when my 2007 Tundra was new.
  8. Not any better or worse compared to my 2014 Ram 3/4. Only noticeable difference is with the chevy you can hear the fan running.
  9. Checked the oil for the 1st time today. Could they make the dip stick any shorter????? I don't think i've ever had a harder time reaching the dip stick in ANY vehicle than in these 5.3's.
  10. Got the truck back and PDR guy was able to get the dents out, took him a couple hours though. He said the edges were sharp. When I talked to him he was going through the brake light. The dealership detail guys just had to buff out the fine scratches left behind and now you can't tell there were any dents there. So now i'm happy again and loving this truck!
  11. They had me stop by today. Of course they can't explain it. They will be doing the same thing though. Going in on thursday to have the dent removal guy take care of it, set me up with a loaner and top off the gas.
  12. So I picked up a new 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71 on Thursday. Traded in my 2014 Ram 2500 with the diesel. I fully disclosed it was in a minor fender bender and even showed them pictures. It seemed like it was no big deal to them. I did my part and disclosed any damage that was done to the truck. The dealer is supposed to do the same! After I get the truck home I spent most of my time on the inside going over everything and getting all my setting how I like them. On Friday night I went to a friends house to show him the truck and he points out that there are dents on the roof. I look and
  13. Austin here also, just got mine yesterday.
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