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  1. The lift on the trailboss is not a leveling kit. Trailboss comes with a 2" lift from the factory to all 4 corners. You still have to level the front 1 1/2" to get it to sit level.
  2. I have a trail boss I added a 1.5" level to the front. So I am 3.5" above stock. I am running stock 275 60 20 tires. I did add 1.5" wheel spacers to push the wheels out a bit and help the stance. (not exactly what you asked for but it may help)
  3. First thing I did was take off the cheesy sticker when I got mine!
  4. 1 1/2" motofab level 1 1/2" wheel spacers 275/70/20 Bridgestone Duelers Extang trifold cover
  5. ours is pretty much the same as it has been since 2007 on the half ton silverado. Super easy to install. Takes about an hour with hand tools and a floor jack in the garage. I've put on almost 10k miles since I installed mine and it is still as smooth as can be with no problems at all.
  6. 1 1/2 motofab level kit would take care of it. $21 on ebay. It would make the truck look much nicer also to get rid of the rake.
  7. I haven't heard of any problems at all. I have nothing but positive reviews of it. But....they say it shouldn't be used on the Trailboss/AT4. I really don't know the reason but it works great!
  8. Correct. It says it's not compatible but it works great. Supposed to be a level coming out specifically for the Trailboss soon from a couple different manufacturers. I don't know exactly what those will consist of or how much they will cost. I installed the motofab kit 6 months ago and have had absolutely no problems as have many people on the forum. Time will tell if we end up with premature wear on the front end parts but as of now it is the only fix for the factory rake.
  9. I am towing 2% of the time. I want the truck to look level the 98% of the time that I'm not!
  10. Can't tell if your trying to be a comedian here or if your serious? It wasn't really very funny and it didn't really make any sense! If you don't care about this topic, don't follow along. It's pretty simple!
  11. I have the stock 20" Trailboss wheels that came on the truck. Tires are also stock (Bridgestone Dueler 265/60/20).
  12. Do it yourself. Takes maybe an hour or 2. Lots of youtube videos to help if you need it. Definitely don't pay someone to do it.
  13. You can get the Trailboss with 18's or 20's. The 20's are an $800 option and come with 275 60 20 Bridgestone Dueler AT. I got the 20's on mine and love them!
  14. If you go to the post about 35" tires on a Trailboss you will find lots if discussion and pics on the motofab lift
  15. Motofab 1 1/2 level. Sits perfect! Rides perfect! Couldn't be happier
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