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  1. I have to say, having been in the same boat with my 2016 that I bought new and had NO idea about what the issue was until it was too late, it's good you got out. I thought my issue (before I googled it and found this forum) was a bent rim. In fact, I thought because I bought a set of 20" Foose rims used, that it was the issue and ordered a new Foose rim and the whole set was bad. Discount tire told me at the time that was the issue. I then bought a factory set of 22" Black rims and still had the issue. It was then I found this forum and it had passed the time I could do anything about it and after $2k in tires and wheels traded in and got my new 2019. I have NO issue of any kind on my 2019 and although I loved my 2016 (and still miss it), the 2019 has proven to be the right choice. If you're still considering Chevy, the 2019 has kept me happy. Although, I am a Chevy man, this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth that Chevy isn't stepping up. Good luck, very happy that I at least found out it was my the Shake issue but sad about the cost incurred to get there.
  2. How about Texas, it's closer?? ha. I would love those and $300 is a steal but not sure how much shipping would be? zip is 75771
  3. Hey welcome to the forum! Do you have any pics of the work they did? I've thought about doing the same to my truck, ha but would be interested in how we might could help with suggestions for removal.
  4. I agree. I LOVED my 2016, it was beautiful inside and out. But, after 50k miles it got so bad that it made me worry for future safety and I upgraded to the new 2019. They're beautiful trucks, I miss mine, but don't miss the worry and the shake!
  5. I hadn't thought of my 2" level kit is probably why I am getting flashed! Thank you. And you're right the intellibeam function won't help that, I was just wondering if that was something I could upgrade in the future. thanks!
  6. Hi everyone. I searched the forum but didn't find anything on this topic and wondered if you're able to buy a kit for auto high beam on the new T1 platform? I have a 2019 TX Edition, pretty loaded but don't have this option. My wife's 2017 Tahoe has it and I love this function. I also have noticed in my 2019 that I get flashed all the time as if I have my headlights on high beam, when I don't and I didn't have this same issue on my 2016. Thanks for any input!
  7. That looks really good! I want beefier tires at some point too, but mine isn't a 4wd or Z71. Looks really good, thanks for sharing!
  8. Yeah I have thought of doing that too. Thank you!
  9. I know these aren’t just specific to Texas Edition, but that’s what my truck is, ha. I love these wheels but was curious if anyone has painted them or thought of painting them? They’re pretty common and I’d like my truck to stand out, kind of like the Trail Boss but not 18’s, these are obviously 20’s. I have a 2” leveling kit in the front also, I like that for sure. Thanks!
  10. Speaking of CarPlay...I love the new update they did for iPhone, but wondered if there is a way to configure using the one view to showing Waze instead of Maps (the one that shows Maps, your ipod/iPhone music and directions). I get that Maps is Apple and Waze isn't but wondered if there is anything you can do setup wise to switch that. Also wondered when using that view if instead it would let you show what's playing on XM instead of what's on your iPhone? Not sure if I am making sense lol, but can send a pic of the view in question...
  11. Thank you! I guess I was hoping that nothing would need installed, it was intuitive but it's not a big deal. Thanks for the reply!
  12. Not sure that’s the proper term but I was curious if on the door handles (and push button start)that you can lock the doors with the handles if you can program them to unlock upon approaching the vehicles? I’ve had cars that sensed you approaching them and would unlock without hitting the button on the door. Is this possible? Thanks!
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