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  1. Thank you! I guess I was hoping that nothing would need installed, it was intuitive but it's not a big deal. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Not sure that’s the proper term but I was curious if on the door handles (and push button start)that you can lock the doors with the handles if you can program them to unlock upon approaching the vehicles? I’ve had cars that sensed you approaching them and would unlock without hitting the button on the door. Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. Thank you, hope to do it soon, will update once completed!
  4. Did you also do the flapper valve? There were a few different ways I saw on here, just curious how you handled yours in such a little amount of time!
  5. Thank you! Yeah, it has just the one pipe and 3 screens. The flapper valve is just up a ways on the pipe, correct? I have the Cherry Red Texas Edition and am saddened to have not got dual exhaust. I love that look but will have to eventually do duals later on, hoping this will be a good and easy experiment!
  6. Thanks everyone! My last 3 Silverado's didn't have it so I assumed it was something new for 2020. Things to research in the future...
  7. Hi all, quick question on this. I have the 5.3 with single exhaust, I haven't seen any posts or pics with just the single. Does this make a difference? I know my sound is good when I first start it but of course quiets down after a few seconds. Also, I see the clamps and sheet metal on the 3 screens (for those that did the clamps/sheet metal), do you also have to do the valve as well (sorry probably a dumb question) if you're only doing the exhaust tape? Thanks, I can't wait to try it on mine!!
  8. Hi all, I have a 2019 Texas edition, 2wd, love it. I just was out of town and my rental was a 2020 Suburban, LT. It had the posted speed limit next to the digital read out of your actual speed. Just curious if this is only in a 2020 and if anyone has it in their trucks? It’s a cool feature and I I'm sure it’s based on your GPS location but I haven’t had my truck long enough (2 weeks) to know if this was only a 2020 option, only for Tahoe’s or Suburbans? Thanks! Randall
  9. Do you have a pic of the final result? Does it charge through the top so u can’t see it? Can’t wait to do this, thanks!
  10. Sorry to be that guy...but I jumped ship yesterday and got a 2019 Silverado. Mine got so bad that my 9 year old thought it was blowout! Still loving Chevy, just not liking how they're treating customers with no resolution. BTW, rebates are ridiculous right now on the 2019's, that was my incentive.
  11. That's ridiculous! They're brand new! The sad thing is, when I bought mine new in June 2016, I bought some used rims and thought the vibration was due to a bent rim. So I bought a whole new rim and still had the vibration and got rid of the tires and the wheels thinking that would solve it (before I knew about the vibration as an issue for most of us). Now I run new black 22's and tires and was convinced I screwed up something on my side because of the whole rim issue and it's something GM didn't do right. And because I didn't know it, I never asked for anything to be done, I thought it was my RIMs. I am hoping for enough complaints that they'll be forced to do something. Until then, I will just keep driving it, vibrations and all!
  12. Man, so sorry that happened. I figured they would be more gracious on that error.
  13. Thanks, great idea! It is hopefully my forever truck and I know this can happen. They gave me $ and said I could ask for more but hate to do that, it was an accident and I love the truck but family is more important. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hi all. I lent my truck to a family member a few weeks ago (I know, that's the first "don't") and they some how put something to heavy in the back of my truck and the tailgate slammed down on something (not sure of the full story). So they gave me some $ to get it fixed but the amount they gave me won't cover what it will take to get it fixed. I may have to go back get more $ from them but was looking for any suggestions on either a tailgate cap or something else. Or I may just have to get it fixed and get more $ from them (which they're willing to do, I just hate to ask). What do you guys think? I don't think it's horrible but also don't want to not find a solution! Thanks in advance!
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