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  1. I bought my GM factory one on eBay. Listed at buy it now$140 or best offer. Got for $120 free shipping.
  2. The sticker on my 2016 Silverado says it was built 1/16. Is there any way to find the day it was built? Thanks for any help on this.
  3. My Weather Techs came today. They fit great and cover the drivers floor completely. I don't even have to cut them as my Z71 sill plate is not covered up.
  4. These mats don't go under the gas pedal which defeats the purpose of having mats. if I wanted limited coverage I would keep the rubber ones that came with the truck. Thanks for your input but those are not for me.
  5. Look for seller damigodl on EBay. Has box for sale for $134.89 buy it now. I offered $120 shipped free and he accepted my offer. Fits great in my 2016 CC. Now I'm looking for WeatherTech liners to buy. LOL
  6. Mine is in the mail on it's way. Are they Weather Tech floor maps in the picture?
  7. Crew Cab 6" chrome step bars off 2016

    How much to ship to 13092?

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