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  1. the middle got pulled out and the clips on the side are down an inch i need to remove the chrome part and bend the tabs back 22757264 and 3 and install new bumber 22902307 is there a guide for uninsalling this part? I work for a GM dealer so do they have like a guide?
  2. my 2015 serria 1500 has P285/45R22 A/T tires i want to get some mud tires P285/55R22 to do this i need smaller rims or lift i wanted to add 4 inch lift front and back but looking at the truck if i add blocks to the springs i dont see how it would effect the drivetrain or warrenty for that matter. does anyone have any insight? i was thinking somin like this: http://www.motofablifts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CH-3F-2R&gclid=CNPjwLjF_s0CFQIRaQodraIODw

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