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  1. Did you go to Dennis Dillon in Boise ? I am in So Cal and did find that contacting the internet dept. directly I have been getting around that figure, $4500 rebates/finance and anywhere from $3200 to $4000 additional off. This on a AT4. About as good as I found out here without sitting down to negotiate further. Nice rig BTW ! Great color.
  2. Depending on your deductible, the cost, and how much you want to keep this off Carfax, consider paying out of pocket. Just having “damage rear” show on Carfax will reduce your value by quite a bit.....as me how I know. And yes, a well repaired tailgate, like mine and yours should not deduct much if any value off the truck, in particular a few years old. But when you go trade it in or sell it down the road, the dealer and any private buyer is going got hit you for thousands, no fair, but that is what happens.
  3. Corvette Forum has a lot of leads on discounted GM warranties...Ken Fichtner is one of them. They sell the GM ones, not bad prices if you want one. While I agree that warranties are money makers in the end for the seller, the complex electronics and other systems of today’s vehicles and the costs to repair, can pay off if, and again, if you buy from a discount warranty seller. I remember seeing pricing along the lines of $1050 for 5 years and 50K miles, this is additional and added on the date you buy, $100 deduct, from Ken Fitchner. You roll the dice.....
  4. I agree on the Sirius nav. part..., I have it on my current 16 and call every 6 months and get the deal for around that, $18 for 6 months along with the discounted Sirius XM. Any Sirius “plug in” available to get the nav ?
  5. That is terrible, I agree I would not want this truck. you should take action. You tried a buyback in writing, and they refused. I would hire a lawyer to send a letter to dealership first, having them send a demand letter does not cost much. Can not hurt if dealership has absolutely refused to take it back. That may move them to do something, some compensation, cleaning, replacing some parts, extended warranty, something other than nothing..... You can also download small claims forms from OC court, fill out for max claim, and send them to the dealership manager, naming him, and tell him he has so many days to make you whole or you will file a personal claim against him in small claims. He has to show, no lawyers allowed. Legal action is always last resort, but after exhausting the negotiations it often gets them to do something. Try to minimize posting negative comments on the dealer, you have named them, leave it that for now, can hamper negotiation. I have used the filled out small claims forms before, without filing to resolve a issue to satisfaction, sometimes the idea of appearing in court makes the other party rethink things. Good luck.
  6. Switch to a GMC, walk, drive, bike, fly out to Laura GMC, ILL., for the easiest and best or near best discounts in the Country. Wished they where in my State....
  7. Looks sinister and awesome at the same time, nice rig !
  8. That really sucks, good to know as I look at their deals once in a while. I am almost 1000 miles away so knowing they pull this kind of BS makes me rethink ever looking there again. sorry that happened to you. I would of been pissed. Did you leave this info in Yelp and other review sites ? Thanks for the warning.
  9. Both Weathertech mats I had for other than a truck, got sticky and deteriorated, within a few years... So much for buying US made. I have Husky in my 16 SLT, work fine, no stickiness. Looking at the GM mats, they are the way to go, no doubt.
  10. Any good AT4 deals in So. Cal ? Dennis Dillon in Boise only has a few in Satin Steel, color I want...
  11. If you ship to AZ., s/b no tax.....may still work if cost is less with ship included......
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