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  1. It’s not hard. If you can turn a screwdriver you should be able to take it down. It’s going to the dealer tomorrow morning. It is still leaking after reinstalling and tightening it. Hopefully they replace the antenna.
  2. 2 weeks ago I found that something was leaking in my 14. First time it happened I was leaving work and it was raining and not til about 5 Mins later did I realize my leg was getting dripped on from my sun visor. Looked at my sunroof drains and didn’t see anything blocking them, so I blew them out anyway for good measure. My truck sat for over a week and rained the night before I drove it again. Nothing appeared wet when I got in but as soon as I started driving and came to a stop more drops, now leaking from both sides of my head liner by the overhead counsel lights. Anyway it’s been raining all day so I went for a drive hit my brakes pretty good and water now coming from the end of the headliner by the windshield. long story short and pulled headliner down and poured a bunch of water around the sunroof as my wife was watching and nothing. Then I moved to the antenna and bingo. Drip drip drip i pulled the antenna out but nothing looked to be bad with it? Im gonna clean the roof off and the gasket and tighten it nice and good.
  3. New member from MA

    Couple pics from my trip to New Brunswick couple months back.
  4. Dropped 2015 Silverado RCSB...

    Very nice!
  5. New member from MA

    Whats up everyone. Just picked up a 14 Silverado Ltz in Silver Ice. A lot of nice trucks on this forum!
  6. New member here from MA. Just picked this up last night. (hope the attachments work)

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