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  1. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the dimmer dial has very limited dynamic range. When the Display is in it's Night mode the dimmer can only change it from dim to dimmer. It can not brighten it to the brightness of the Day mode.
  2. I have, with one exception, used Conoco 91 octane (Top Tier). I probably only need 89 because of the altitude. I live in Park county which is approximately 25 miles x 45 miles, relatively flat, and from 9,000 ft. to 9,900 feet in altitude. Low air resistance helps mpg. Just ask any NASCAR driver. Forgot to add that there is exactly ONE stoplight in the entire county and a total of three from my house to Denver (110 miles).
  3. As of today at approximately 11:00 am I have owned my truck for exactly six months so I thought I would post a quick report. Overall rating: A ( but not A plus) Strong points: 1. Passing power is great! I am a conservative driver but when it's time to pass a slower vehicle on a two lane mountain road, you want to do it quickly and this truck does just that. 2. Gas milage is much better than I imagined it would be. After 5,167 miles, over mostly 55mph/65mph mountain highways, I have averaged 19.96 mpg with a low of 18.53 and a high of 22.46. 3. Ride quality is much better than any of the other pickups I have owned. Quiet and sure footed without being rough, even on gravel roads. 4. Overall fit and finish is at least as good as my wife's Honda Pilot, which means I have no complaints. 5. Finally I have to comment on the GM/Borla exhaust. It is quiet going down the road, but makes itself known when provoked. The V-4 motor boating noise is present under very specific circumstances but I really have to concentrate to hear it. In my younger days, the exhaust would have been too quiet but now, I find it perfect. 6. The 6.2/8-sp combination is a dream to drive in the mountains. Just set the cruise control (traffic permitting) and it upshifts or down shifts to maintain the set speed no matter how steep the grade, up or down. Weak points: 1. I find the controls on the infotainment system are not very intuitive to operate. First time I actually had to read a manual to figure out how to operated it. Obviously not a big deal. 2. GM all-weather floor mats need to go back to the drawing board. The dealer had provided them as part of the deal, so I can't complain about the price. But after one winter in Colorado the lack of coverage under the throttle pedal really defeated the whole purpose of "all-weather" floor liners. Today I ordered Husky liners. 3. At times this past winter, the inability to manually control the brightness of the infotainment made it impossible to use it. According to my Infotainment manual, page 100, you manually control the display by Settings->Display->Mode and then select "Day", "Night" to "Auto". Unfortunately the "Mode" option is not present and therefore you can not control the brightness of the Display. It is always in "Auto" mode which causes the display to go dim when the sun is behind the truck. GM Technical Support told my dealer "working as designed" and "miss-printed manual". Someone really should take the time to correct the manual because ALL Infotainment manuals back to at least 2014 have the same "miss-print". The other GM brands (Buick, Cadillac, GMC) also suffer with the same "miss-print". Still love the truck and my dealer, but . . . .
  4. Dealer could duplicate problem on their vehicles, but . . . GM final resolution: Miss-printed manual, working as designed.
  5. Hmmm . . . . Back in the mid 60's I had a blowout driving my '58 Pontiac SuperChief Tri-Power on a no-speed-limit Nevada highway. I will guarantee you old cars, 100+ mph and recapped bias tires do not make for a safe ride.
  6. A reasonable suggestion, but I have already had the dealer check two other '17 1500's equipped like mine and they exhibit the same problem, so the problem is systemic to at least those trucks. I was trying to see just how wide spread (model, year, radio) the problem was. Would you mine telling me which infotainment system you have (7"/8", Nav/No Nav) and if you can control the brightness mode (Auto, Day, Night) of it? Thanks
  7. Thank you for your response. At least your dealer says its a s/w problem which I actually agreed with. Now when is GM going to fix the problem? I am pushing on my dealer and will let you know when and if they come up with anything.
  8. I believe I have a similar problem on my new '17 that I am currently in "discussions" about with my dealer. You said "On radio display screen - under setting the display is set to day mode" In my Infotainment manual, page 100, it says Settings -> Display -> Mode gets you to three choises: Mode, Calibrate Touchscreen and Turn Display Off. Is that what your display shows? Mine only shows two choices (Calibrate Touchscreen, and Turn Display Off) and always acts like it is in Auto mode. Please let me know if I understood your post correctly. I'm getting real tired of the display dimming every time I drive through a shadow. Thanks.
  9. The extra gear ratio's over the six-speed make it much move flexible in the mountains, especially going down hill where "Grade Braking" down shifts as required to hold the speed back to whatever the cruise control was set at. Really saves on brake pads.
  10. It is comparable to the Borla Touring system but has the "Anti-V4-Drone" stuff.
  11. A BIG THUMBS UP!!! Thats a great looking truck with some guts to back up the looks!
  12. I think I'll have to question the accuracy of the word "Parked" in describing the situation shown in Camp1.JPG. I would think something like "Monenarily-not-sliding" might be a better description. Be that as it may, you are now the leader in the coveted "Hope it doesn't rain" division.
  13. And they actually move!! It was a little chilly this morning (14* F) so I decided to check them out. I remote started the truck then immediately checked them out and they had both closed. But then, long before the truck warmed up, they both opened about half way. I have no idea if that's correct or not but at least they did something.
  14. Many years ago, I was always fearless going up, reasonably brave going down, but down right chicken going sideways
  15. Ding, Ding, Ding, We now have a new leader in the "Hold-My-Beer-and-Watch-This" division.
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