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  1. I have 21xxx on my 16’ and it’s been great. Love using e85 $1.75 a gallon is great!!!
  2. No need to feel stupid, glad I could help.
  3. It's possible, granted the radio from 3 years ago wouldn't be the same 7" myljnk touch screen, was it? My truck is 2016.
  4. TBH, I haven't been back to the dealer with it yet...
  5. You can scroll through the presets if you swipe your finger to the right or left.
  6. I have the 4.3L and whenever I start my car, every time it misses a shift from I think from either 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd. Every time. After that, it shifts like a champ. Idk what it is. I have 5000 miles on the truck. The only thing I thought it might be doing it from is using e85. But after the initial shift when first started, it runs great.
  7. No it happens on good ol FM as well. I think it has to do with the ability to scroll through the presets on the Gauges screen. I just wish there was a way to adjust it to turn the delay off. Between this and my truck missing a shift when first started up, those are my two issues with the truck altogether. Truck is great otherwise.
  8. I've had my truck since august and I have noticed that sometimes there is lag with using the steering wheel controls for the radio, and sometimes there isn't. Anyone else notice this?
  9. DIY Engine Bay Storage

    Ice and beer wouldn't be great with the heat, unless you can find a $500 yeti cooler that fits there lol
  10. DIY Engine Bay Storage

    Cool idea. Not sure exactly what I would put in there tho.
  11. First Tank of E85

    I use e85. Cheaper and more power, what's not to like? It's about 60¢ a gallon cheaper here at the moment.
  12. Nothing says camping like wifi lol.
  13. $50 and under modifications

    This looks like it on amazon. Hopkins SC-CHA Go Gear Console, (Charcoal) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FGEF64/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_EL4QybF298KZH Found it on autozone: http://m.autozone.com/interior-organization-and-cargo-management/console/hopkins-console/266300_0_0?location= Autozone is black in color. The amazon one is gray (charcoal)
  14. $50 and under modifications

    I ripped off the side label but I believe I left the UPC code and I also have the receipt. I tried to scan the UPC code and search for it on amazon, but not the exact one came up
  15. $50 and under modifications

    2 days driving with it, has not budged. I have nothing heavy in it either.

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