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  1. Hey I’m sorry I didn’t get notified of your response. It’s for the short bed 5’8”.
  2. My 2016 has to go back, I wish it wasn’t. I took off a few things from my truck before I give it back. Here’s a quick list, you can message me if your interested. I am located in Nassau County NY. Durlast Drop in Bedliner Soft Roll Up tonneau Cover Running boards (the passenger side middle mount broke off as I was taking it off. It will still work, but I’d rather be upfront about it) Weathertech Floor mats for Front and back (GONE) Rear seat storage Bin (GONE) In channel window vent guards (you will need new double stick tape) Bed rail hole covers (GONE) I have everything listed on Letgo as well so message me if your interested. Thank you Joe
  3. I use it all the time in the hot weather. If imagine that they don’t put auto up for the same reason they don’t put auto up rear windows, kids. I remember being a kid and I had my head out the window (we were in the driveway, just got home) and my mother started to roll the windows up and didn’t notice I had my head out. I started to yell and mom noticed lol. Granted, they could have pressure sensors that if they detected more than normal resistance, they would go back down, like a garage door.
  4. I can’t believe the center console doesn’t open. That’s ridiculous. Every at from what the 50s-60s has has Center console storage? Who at GM thought this was a good idea? If I can get the radio controls and center storage, I’ll I’m. I’m trying to get pricing for buying out my current truck. Seems like that’s the best deal I’m going to get on a newish truck. I just wish I could see 0% for the interest rate. Everyone has to make money I guess.
  5. When I was sitting in the custom, I couldn’t figure out how the hell to open the arm rest. I can’t believe that’s not a standard feature that is standard on all
  6. I agree. I was pricing out a Colorado LT and the custom isn’t that much more over it. I love having the full size cab. And I really like the 4.3. I don’t have any issues with it. Wish they would keep the Flex fuel option, but the radio controls is the real killer for me. Every car I’ve had since like 2005 has had them. I was even willing to have the dealership install them but they said they can’t.
  7. Yeah I really liked the look of the custom. Wish it had the nicer headlights and fogs on the outside. I could deal with the non painted door handles. Love the grill and tail gate. The small bow tie is a nice touch. And the power tailgate is awesome.
  8. I happened to find one at a close dealership. I went to go look at it today and I liked some and didn’t like some. I was bummed about not having the steering wheel controls but I loved the power tail gate. Just wanted to get a consensus if others had it and if they liked it. Also, I have a 2016 All Star with the 4.3L. I’m surprised they pulled the flex fuel capability from the new one.
  9. I can imagine. It would most likely be another lease whenever I decided to get rid of my truck now. I have less than a year at this point. Thank you for your response. Happy new year.
  10. Hey guys, I don’t post much on here but I have been trying to find out if the 2019 Silverado 2.7L is a Flex Fuel vehicle. I tried to chat with Chevy and the rep on the other end had no idea and told me to check with my dealer/parts department. I guess they don’t employ the most knowledgeable individuals. If anyone can let me know I’d appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. I have 21xxx on my 16’ and it’s been great. Love using e85 $1.75 a gallon is great!!!
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