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    2015 denali 3500
  1. Air Horns!

    sounds like exactly what ive been looking for. got a link to check out prices? cant wait to see the video,
  2. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    2015 3500 Denali Leveled Tinted 5% all around. 25% on windshield DEF and EGR delete Kory Willis 4 pack tunes EFI Live Chrome door mouldings removed Rear Emblems removed Front grill and emblems blacked out Mirror markers and fender markers blacked out 20' Fuel cleaver Wheels
  3. Double hit the lock button holding it down on the second hit. That's how I fold mine in on my 3500 denali
  4. I have a 2015 denali 3500 is there any threads on here for painting the inside of my headlights black and removing the orange marker lights.
  5. Foglights On With High Beams

    wanting some info on this but cant figure out how to PM you
  6. LED Strobe Light Install

    Every one like LOOK OF MY PIC OF THIS and LOOK AT MY PIC OF THAT. Im over here like WHY ARE ALL MY PICS TO LARGE TO POST!!!!! LOL this is gonna be killer when you get it done
  7. Looking to lower my dually just a few inches on both ends any suggestions on a good kit to look into or info on if bags are a have to if stance is lowered. any info would help. my current stance has only had a leveling kit on the front but would like to get something more like the truck in the pic. thanx in addvance
  8. Dually rear fender flares

    from what I can find out, they don't make a direct fit flare for the dually. the fleet side flares have to be modified. so I guess my question now is has any one on here done it and how difficult was it.
  9. I've seen this done on dually rear fenders but cant seem to find them for sale. any advise?

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