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  1. COOPER LT AT3's

    When my last truck needed tires i put the AT3's on it. Awesome Performance in the rain and off road. Love them. Every vehicle i have owner i have only ever installed Cooper Tires on them. Never disappointed.
  2. Ask to test drive the truck and have it inspected by an outside company. When i managed automotive shops this was a normal request. Inform them of the history and they can focus on certain areas. I would take it to a body shop first, they can spot repairs from 100ft away, then take it to a repair shop with a more complete history.
  3. Marginal benefit and marginal cost situation here. You must list the marginal benefit, and then list the marginal cost. This is executed by listing the value saved by buying a recovered stolen vehicle. How much cheaper than a similar used truck is it. Then list the cost expectation of making such a purchase. If the benefit is lower than the cost, bad deal, walk away. Example below, Marginal Benefit = $3000 less than similar used vehicle Marginal Cost = $2000 for front end work because they ran over a ton of curbs running from the cops. Or maybe when the car sits in the heat the interior will begin to stink because heat always brings smells back add another $1500. In this scenario, Benefit outweighs cost unless both events occur. This decision can be made economically and logically.
  4. what tonneau cover?

    Roll up Velcro gets old quick, not just metaphorically but literally too. I live in Florida so the cold climate part I am not an expert in. The problem with most roll ups is that they require small support beams to hold everything up and eventually snow will be too much. Here in Florida we only see torrential down pours so they quickly flow off. I prefer the roll up kind that does not snap or Velcro. The brand i prefer and have used is only available on eBay currently(i'd post a link but my work computer blocks ebay). "Advanation" is their eBay store name. I have had 3 of their cheapest tops, $120, on 3 different trucks and the top outlasted my relationship with the prior 2 trucks. I did have a trip up north once and came outside to 6 inches of snow on my tonneau and that was help up just fine. That being said, i also have gained interest in these newer tri-fold tonneaus i just have not purchased one yet. My judgement was clouded by prior experience instead of checking reviews to see if their was just another way. Anyway my friend has this cover and its pretty sweet and has great reviews, all while being cheap. https://www.amazon.com/Tyger-Auto-TG-BC3C1006-2014-2016-Silverado/dp/B00L32L4A4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482500999&sr=8-1&keywords=silverado+2014+tri+fold
  5. I am dead set on it being some kind of exhaust leak. Doesn't do it at idle, only does it while cruising on the freeway and adding certain amount of power. Too little power and there is no issue, too much power and it down shifts and you cant hear it. Fuel pumps run constantly so they wouldn't change with rpm. Lifter noise often doesn't get worse with load, but gets worse when unloaded(decel). I have a friend with a 9 gas analyzer and i have the resources to NDT(non-destructive test) any components i remove. I bet there is a tiny crack somewhere(only expands when hot), or a loose component.
  6. To start, shortly after I bought my truck I had to bring it back for work that had to do exhaust. I assume they checked extensively for exhaust leaks and other things while they were searching for the issue(10 days), but anyways. The issue is around the exhaust. Sometimes while driving i hear what sounds like an exhaust leak. I dont recall ever hearing the actual engine in the cab before my ordeal. I could hear the tailpipe sounds when merging onto the freeway and accelerating, however i hear ticks around the footwell and im not sure it if is normal. I know what the direct injection ticking sounds like, and it doesnt sound like that. Does anyone else hear the engine/exhaust while just cruising in the cabin? Before taking my truck in i had only driven it 400 miles, so i really dont have enough experience to answer my own question. truck is a 2016 Silverado LT 5.3, everything is stock.
  7. Dog covers?

    Two 80LBs+ German Shepherd Dogs here. Very hairy. I have the Husky Floor liner, covers pretty much all of the floor. I put the rear seats up, and I have door panel protectors. My dogs love to jump and look out the windows so without the door protector the doors would be screwed. The door panel protectors are a requirement. Clean up it easy, just vacuum up the mat, and the underside of the seats. Husky Liner- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011LLPB6Y/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Door Panel Protectors- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AEB7FOY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. they diagnosed a open wire between the o2 sensor and the pcm last Thursday. Somehow, they still havn't fixed it. I diagnose and repair wires on aircraft for a living, do not even try to tell me its hard. there are tools for everything, a TDR can tell them exactly how far into the wire a break in the shielding is, let alone an entirely broke wire. This is mismanagement of assets. If it took me 5 work days to repair or replace a wire, I had better have a good excuse or my but is fired.
  9. yeah you are right, i misspoke, i paid the "advertised" price.
  10. i want to believe the opposite, however, i still haven't received my truck back. It sounds like there is mass confusion as to what the fix is and they just keep throwing parts at it. I have been a GM owner my entire life. When i was 18 and dumb i got an AC Delco spark plug tattoo'd on my arm. I am a Chevy guy, this is just ridiculous.
  11. the issue is now getting worse. My truck will have been fingered with by the cheapest mechanics a dealership can afford They have replaced the ECM and replaced everything they can think, now they are blaming it on a wire. A wire repair on a brand new truck should be a harness replacement. Not a repair. However that is not the case. I will PM you my information. But please note, paying sticker price for a vehicle that was broken on the showroom floor, and now i will never of had a 100% NEW truck in working condition.
  12. When I left the dealership the day I purchased the truck the Check engine light came on. Took the truck in a couple days later and they diagnosed it as a bad o2 sensor. They replaced it the next day, no big deal right? Except when I picked it up the light came back on at the same point in my drive. I've now owned my new truck for 9 days, it's been in the shop 4 of those days. It has <400 miles on it. They've now had it for the 3rd day of troubleshooting and still don't know what is wrong. Is a example of the trouble that is to come with this truck?

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