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  1. Thanks Joe! That gets me out of a bind. I want to install this right above the light knob like the picture attached. The drilling instruction recommend at pilot hole first (maybe a 1/8"). Did anyone use a center punch first? Just worried the drill may slide around it being plastic.
  2. I decided to buy a redarc tow pro elite for my 15' chevy 1500. I was originally going to go with another brand that had a plug and play wiring adapter so that i didnt have to deal with the one that came with the truck but i read thats not possible with the one. Can someone help me through the electrical part of this? Are the listed items below correct? Also can someone please clarify what to do about the 20 amp fuse/30A breaker/ positive battery terminal? Also, should i use electrical tape or shrink tubes? Truck oem wiring harness Dk blue - brakes out Red/grn - battery Wht/blu - brake signal Blk - brakes ground Redarc brake controller Blue - to 12v trailer brakes (goes to dark blue?) Red - to 12v trailer brakes light trigger (goes to wht/blu?) Blk - 20 amp fuse or 30A circuit breaker THEN to battery positive terminal? What? Lol (red/green?) White - ground (goes to blk?)
  3. Thanks for your help. I will have to be sure and check the psi on a normal basis. So, running my front tires underinflated, not rotating the tires in 18K miles, and turning wear all were the perfect recipe for wearing edges on my fronts. I don’t think the tire rotation had much to do with it but hey you never know. Is there a reason my back tires are not showing signs of wear like the front? I know they’re fixed, but you would think that they would somewhat resemble the edge tread wear as my front tires. I ordered a tire depth guage and will keep a closer eye from now on.
  4. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 that has 25,000 miles with the stock bridgestone dueler rh-s 285/45 R22 tires. I got a nail and saw the edges on both front tires are worn down to the point of needing to be replaced. Im replacing the bridgestone with michelin defender ltx m/s. I have wear on the inside and outside edges of both front tires (rears are ok), leading me to think its just under inflated. I usually run at the recommended 35psi but at times it runs lower at 30 psi (I've been lazy). I think when the toe need adjusting you only get wear on one edge on the left tire and the opposite edge on the right tire. That is unless you also have your camber off and your toe is off. My truck does not have any pull, so i don't think its a alignment issue, but I wanted your guys' opinion. I worry if i take it in to pay for a alignment check, they will print out a alignment inspection from another truck to make it seem like i need an alignment or try to align it and mess it up either way. I don't have a trusted shop in Houston that i know of.
  5. Sk didnt get drive it faster than 80 i havent picked it up yet but my credit union already paid them. I wish i would have thought of it. I have read on this forum of some shaking issues
  6. Thanks for the link andy! I was really just wanting to know of any tsb to look out for like the ones andy listed regarding the ac and balljoints to keep a close eye on if my truck acts up. I know i had to take my chrysler car to get the sunroof bolts re tightened more than once because they would ratlle. Only to find out there was a tsb that they didnt know about after i told him about it.
  7. You see thats the thing I dont want to rely on my dealership telling me which TSB can be done. Id rather know which ones and tell him. I have had instances where a Chysler service manager couldnt find a specific TSB untill I gave him the number thanks to a forum. Heres one from the dealer website
  8. Thanks for that coke, I just checked an no recalls. Im just worried about the TSB. Im not sure if the dealerships corrects any TSB when in for routine maint or do they wait for you to tell them.
  9. Hi guys, I just purchased a truck and am waiting to pick it up this weekend. I bought a New 2015 silverado 1500 LTZ Z71. Are there any service bulletins I need to get? This is my first GM truck so I need any advice as to where the TSB are released. Thanks.
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