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  1. Did you ever find any more information on this or try the swap yourself?
  2. You're forgetting to add in TT&L to the PV, a big chunk of which would be sales tax on the entire purchase in TX.
  3. 2017 Sierra Denali (Not ultimate, but has every option but 22 rims) MSRP $62,165 Sale Pr $54,526 36m/12k 69% / .00152 $0 Down $600 / mo (includes roughly $100/mo of TX sales tax on whole vehicle)
  4. Ok, pulled the trigger... Ended up getting almost 8k off at $54,500. I am pleased and loving the new truck so far!
  5. Yep, no clunking on this one... was definitely just isolated to that first truck I test drove. I realize I misquoted my first number earlier... They came $5k off MSRP and there was an additional $1.5k rebate for some lease incentive. I'm going back tomorrow (the 31st) to try and seal this deal. I'd like another 1k off... but we will see. Wish me luck!
  6. Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. I went and drove another truck at another dealer today and it was a completely different story. This one has all the features of the Ultimate package without the 22's (don't think I'm in love with those anyways). The dealer has come around $5k off so far... (MSRP $62) I was hoping to see around 7-8k off. Is that unrealistic?
  7. Hi All, New member here and current owner of a loaded '14 F150 FX2 w/ 3.5 EcoBoost. I've always been a Ford guy but had plenty of GM in the family. I'm in the market for a new truck and looking to take advantage of a lease on a new Sierra Denali. I went to the dealership to test drive tonight knowing I loved the idea of this truck, but left with more uncertainties... First things first, the truck is absolutely beautiful. Interior is leaps and bounds over Ford in terms of quality & feel. GM has some neat features that make it competitive against the F150. Transmission: the first thing I noticed on the test drive was a serious CLUNK from the 8 speed every time I stopped and the transmission downshifted into first gear. I also noticed some pretty serious hunting going on when passing and attempting to downshift. It was probably a 1-2 second delay after I mashed my foot down. Engine: I was honestly a bit disappointed for 2 reasons. One, with all the sound deadening, I could barely hear the 6.2 rumble (unlike my mother's '12 Yukon Denali). Second, it really didn't seem all that quick? There was an initial quick burst of torque when on the throttle but once you past 3-3.5k RPM the power really seemed to die off? (I know I'm coming from an engine with 2 turbos and looking at a big lazy eight.. but still) Headlights: It might have been the road that I was on (lots of other cars) but it sure seemed like the LED headlights were dimmer than the HID's on my F150. Turning Radius: it sucks. Couldn't make a u-turn on a very wide intersection. In addition to those "bigger" / deal-breaker issues, there were a couple of other things that really irk me for a $65,000 truck: No keyless entry (the Yukon's have it...) No push button start (again, the Yukon's...) No blind-spot light (again... ^) The plastic "wood" trim on the sides of the center console was loose and rattled... The intellilink touch screen seemed slow to react graphically to my inputs... For example, when changing a station, the audio switched immediately but the indicator on the screen and the "beep" were delayed. The door handles feel like they might actually break off in my hand No power telescoping steering wheel... No A/C vents to the back seats?? Don't love the 22" wheels and wish there was another option with the "ultimate" package So, I apologize for the rant but I think I am even more undecided then where I started. Yes, the new F150's are really nice, but so similar to my current truck that it doesn't warrant getting a new model to me. And now having experienced the Sierra Denali... not sure if I think trading up is worth it either? What do you think.. did I just get a "dud" of a truck? Should I go back and test drive another?
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