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  1. I have a stock 2015 Silverado 3500 is there a great quality plug and play upgrade for my OEM driving lights and Fog's? I loved the Newer trucks lights as I traded my 2018 1500 in for this 2015 but the difference in the lights are not even in the same ballpark. I have not upgraded in two yours since the Truck upgrade because I find it all complicated and not sure who to trust with quality and Just simple long lasting proformance as an OEM is. As I said Plug and play as I am disabled. Thanks Everyone! DS
  2. Hello JOJO, Here is a link I used to see exact tire dimension's of the current tire, and see the differences in ones I may want. But actually I was surprised I did a Google search "How big of a tire can I fit on a 2015 3500 HD stock not lifted" And that told me on mine I could go as high as a 295/65R18 But the tire I wanted was not available in that size, So I purchased what they did offer which was a 295/70R18 And it was about to the limit. The tire I actually wanted was the Bridgestone RIVA I THINK? Butit did not come in my size either. Alot depends on what "YOU" want and your use. For me I just found the OEM tires slick... As in I got on a small hill here in Tennessee and slipped in 4 WD because they were standard street tires. I really like The Firestone Destination XT and the Bridgestone Riva.. For a good meaty balance. And no Firestone told me my OEM spare would be fine to use as a spare to get to a tire shop so I just did the 4.... Personally I would go to this link TireSize.com - Compare Tire Sizes, Specs, Prices & more AND zero in on my size then call a Firestone store and ask to speak to the owner/manager and he or she will be happy to help you. I only deasl with managers in things like this as it tends to cut down on BS and false promisers. My manager was even happy to order 3 different sets that he and I though might fit my needs and tried each one on the front right to let me look at it. I thought that was awesome and sold me on him really caring about his customers. I guess you could go the cheap rout and get them direct from a wholesaler but this IS important enough I want someone I could trust because in your case your looking at close to 2500-3k I'd guess. But then I got the road hazard warranty which I NEVER DO because it was a kinda big investment. Hope this helps my friend! DS
  3. Cam, You must have missed my post above I ended up getting the Firestone 295/70R18 I think thats going to be the replacement for the AT's Thanks for all your help. DS
  4. Thanks Elite, I just wanted to end the post with the outcome in case some other person ends up searching as I did. I ended up getting the Firestone Destination XT 295/70R18 Which was quite the upgrade from my stock 265/70R18's Some will say they will not fit but I spent the day at Firestone and they were kind enough to try several tires to see which I liked. My truck is a Stock 2015 3500HD Gasser and they fit perfectly. It shocked me they did because of the huge difference in the two. It fills the holes I'll tell ya that! A very slight rub on the front when in a full turn but only on the cardboard inner liner which was easily fixed with a little push. Thanks everyone for your help and opinions they were very much appreciated Cost 1650.00 out the door with the 20 bucks a tire road hazard. DS
  5. Thanks alot Elite, Yes I backed away from Goodyear for those same reasons/reviews. And having trouble finding the Wildpeaks... So probably Destinations. I was going to go up a size. I read on a stock 3500 I could go as high as a 295/64r18 But when I looked at the specs the difference in them or my stocks 265/70r18 was not that big of improvement. Then the thought of needing a speedo re cal does not make sense. I would have no idea how to get that done. So (I think it'll be the stock ones back on for me.
  6. Thanks alot Cam, I am thinking of the Firestones... But am having trouble finding the Destination AT.... I am finding the Destination XT Any Difference?
  7. Thanks so much, They are all in the same price range... might you have a favorite? If you were the buyer? DS
  8. I am very sorry if this is the wrong spot, If it is maybe a mod could move it? I am not nearly as active as I should be so might just as well be sorry for that as well. I am looking for a set of new shoes for my truck, I'd like to upgrade from stock street shoes as they really are not universal enough. (Wet Grass your stuck (Grin) I do to a 5th wheel once in a while but I think any good tire will address that. I want something middle of the road... Grip, decent snow a bit of mud and not run ya out of the seat in HUM... I thought the Nitto Grappler was what I wanted a few years ago but recently read they are alot of noise. Don't mind some extra noise because I do want a bit beefier look but.... You get my point. Also Would also like to go one size bigger if at all possible, No lift kit or Mods on the Truck. But there does seem to be (Some Excess space) I ask her because the kid at my local tire shop was really scaring me!! Oh, I know this topic is beat to death but really could not find a thread that helped. Sincere Thanks Dodge Stomper Current size LT265/70R18 With Standard Chrome Wheels
  9. I decided NOT to go with them, I saw hundreds of bad reviews and I think 2 decent. I decided to just get a Samsung tab s4 on sale for 379.00 and buy a mount for the window and it will sit on my dash. Do the same thing I wanted but actually better. 10 inch screen... Watch movies, youtube ect. Thanks for the reply. I REALLY think I dodged a bullet
  10. Hello everyone, I am sorry I have not been very active since my life as many has been so busy and overwhelming. I have a question, I was right on the edge of buying the NAVTOOL product that Mirrored your phone, Apple or Android to your 8' screen... I was actually very excited about their product especially since it also did video in motion. I travel alot and it would make life so much easier for me. I was going to order this product Monday, But today I looked at the BBB complaints as it popped up while looking for a discount code. The BBB reviews were terrible... As bad as you could possibly see for a company or its product. Though the complaints were kind of old. None recent. My question is has anyone here had an experience recently with this product? Or know of a company that makes a product that works? I need more than just Android auto... True Mirroring. Though I have a 2015 Silverado 3500 and Android Auto will not work on this computer. Seems it was before newer chipsets came out because everything drags in this Mylink. NOTHING like the newer Silverado I traded in. HELP Can anyone help?
  11. Could not agree more, It is literally the only thing I hate about this truck. I will update in time... I bought this to tow my 5th wheel which is a pig... about 15k. Just went a month ago and picked it up 300 miles away and was surprised how well the 6.0 handled the weight. It did have a hard time shifting and holding 5th gear so I added a pro-charger which boosted the hp up about 175 which brings it to about 530 give or take. Now she shifts like a dream!! I just didn't want a diesel. This solved that problem. Also my mileage went up... Go figure.
  12. Ok, Always sorry I post thoughts here. Don't need a full time inverter.... It was a passing thought now it's gone.
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