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  1. fog and headlight leds

    Could not agree more, It is literally the only thing I hate about this truck. I will update in time... I bought this to tow my 5th wheel which is a pig... about 15k. Just went a month ago and picked it up 300 miles away and was surprised how well the 6.0 handled the weight. It did have a hard time shifting and holding 5th gear so I added a pro-charger which boosted the hp up about 175 which brings it to about 530 give or take. Now she shifts like a dream!! I just didn't want a diesel. This solved that problem. Also my mileage went up... Go figure.
  2. Inverter that is in our GM's

    Ok, Always sorry I post thoughts here. Don't need a full time inverter.... It was a passing thought now it's gone.
  3. Inverter that is in our GM's

    Exactly!! And that was my point, I simply went to plug in a freaking coffee pot!! Not a Welder... Oh well I guess they were thinking about an in truck office when the installed it. But one better not need a pencil sharpener!!
  4. Inverter that is in our GM's

    Right,... Not in your wildest dreams... A welder? Your on Drugs or just Bored spamming posts...
  5. Inverter that is in our GM's

    I doubt it is 400w though it might be, I am just like you was thinking about only emergency situations. And was only letting my mind wander. But as usual... Well just the thought It was fleeting.... Now it's gone
  6. Wondering if anyone has had the experience I have several times in my 3500 The 110 socket is such low amp that is is useless except for laptop or similar. I know that was its design so don't jump on me! BUT I could not plug in a very small coffee pot last night when our house power was out. Had the same problem with a portable air pump and a small vac... My thought is to replace the inverter, Anyone had this thought? Or done this mod? Would be an easy update IF the inverter was in a accessible spot? Thoughts?
  7. 2015 3500HD LTZ/Z71 traded my 16 1500LTZ
  8. Marker lights on 2015 GMC

    Hey if your still around can you update us on the added lights? Are they still working? Wondering life of the bulbs. Thanks So Much DS
  9. Fuel MPG in the 6.0 engine?

    I guess the Bottom Line Is "If Your Going To Get A Truck... GET A TRUCK" I absolutely love my 3500... And the 6.0 is growing on me....
  10. Fuel MPG in the 6.0 engine?

    Wow, Well thats great news I guess.... Maybe I'm just an O'l fart that refuses to accept the new an changing world. I traded a 2016 Silverado 1500 LTZ 5.3 I absolutely lived for a 2015 3500 which I'm growing to love only because of the towing specs.... My 1500 was getting 20-23 highway and was an amazing truck. I bought the 3500 and knew the MPG's would kill me to even calculate but one either accepts it or ya don't. My only complaint is the lights on the 3500... I hope to do the swap when Money permits. Just saw the one I traded listed today, Link Below.... https://www.mattlafontainechevybuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/used-2016-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-LTZ-Grayling-MI/3333079013
  11. Fuel MPG in the 6.0 engine?

    I would not consider using e85 as there are many reports/complaints about it eating up all seals it touches in your engine. (IF) thats true it is worth saving 1.00 a gallon? Not in my book.... But Good luck.
  12. Amber Side Marker running lights led

    Wow, Very nice look indeed... Thanks for the detailed pics of the wiring, you say this harness is under the truck? Wondering how long they will last? One last question.... the OEM step supports are steel? Tuff to Drill? I was just about to put yellow under board lights on my 3500 but this is far more classy. DS
  13. Fuel MPG in the 6.0 engine?

    Not sure about 20 Cliff, Gotta find the sweet spot... I have found Cruise on my 3500 likes 75-76 MPH.... Last week I averaged 17.5 going into work about an hour drive all highway. But my usual is 13-15 I'd say.
  14. GPS 2019 update (Thumb Drive)

    You quoted my statement But I did not/am not complaining about the price of this period. All I questioned was if it was really Vin reliant. And I was going to gift it to someone if it was not. As far as leave it running no that is not needed as it can be installed when driving, it tells you that when you insert the thumb drive. Which I did because my drive to work is 1 hour and the update takes 50 minutes. so your ramble makes no sense.
  15. GPS 2019 update (Thumb Drive)

    Wow, One let down after another!

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