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  1. If you run into any snags let me know. I just finished my twin turbo 2017. Be careful, these new motors have weaker stock rods than the last generation LS truck motors. Don't go over 550whp if you want reliability.
  2. Im using my 5.3 heads on the 6.2 block to save some cash. Before you tell me this combo wont perform as well...I already know this! With forced induction ill still make big power.
  3. The number one piston cracked into 3 pieces. The rod destroyed my oil pan.
  4. I havent updated this in awhile. The truck motor snapped a piston rod at the end of July. I bought a 6.2L block and a forged rotating assembly from texas speed. Once all that comes in itll be a twin turbo 6.2L RCSB. One of a kind.
  5. The vette is already a 9 second car. I'm hoping to break into the 11s with the truck tonight. I think we solved the pulled timing issue.
  6. Not too much. I'm about to dump money into my vette. I'm using my turbo truck to pull my turbo vette.
  7. I'm using HP Tuners. I can tune either ECM or TCM separately. We've raised all the shift pressures base and oncoming and reduced shift times to damn near zero. Sometimes it shifts good. Other times it pulls out all timing between shifts. My immediate engine torque PID source related to the timing cut is "RPM Limit". We've set all the limits high so I don't know what's tripping it.
  8. It launches and shifts hardest with TC on. Still dealing with some issues with the truck pulling timing between shifts. Sometimes it'll do it, other times it wont. it's random. I've tried pulling the ABS fuse to turn everything off and that makes it shift worse. It's like these new trucks have preset limits that you cant change without an stand alone ECU. Suspension is stock, but lowered. It squats like that on every launch.
  9. I don't know at this point. He needs the vehicle at the shop to make sure everything is made and installed properly so you'd have no issues.
  10. Another one: He's working on another video with a 5.0 mustang now too.
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