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  1. RoarinRow's 2012 2500HD

    My project / bug out truck.
  2. Hole in my Transfer Case

    Well I got her back today a few $$$ lighter. I did see the pin hole as everyone has described. I am very lucky that I got where I was going so so little fluid in the transfer case. The shop also replaced the pinion seal, which was also leaking. Next to clean up the underbelly so that future leaks, if any, will be easier to spot. Done.
  3. Very cool! You've got skills!
  4. Hole in my Transfer Case

    After bringing my 02 2500 HD to the shop to have them discover where the leak is coming from on my driveway, they too noticed the pin hole and informed me that the transfer case liquid was low. So I came here to research and found this thread. Kind of good to know that it is somewhat of a common problem. Helps me explain it to the wife $$$.
  5. Afternarket Diff covers

    Yup your setup would be a tight squeeze for sure.
  6. Afternarket Diff covers

    I didn't check the spacing on mine, but I am running stock 16" rims/tires.
  7. Afternarket Diff covers

    Thanks for finding that info! I had the install done by a local shop so hopefully they read the instruction manual as noted.
  8. Afternarket Diff covers

    I got it from Amazon along with the machine gasket.
  9. Afternarket Diff covers

    I replaced my diff cover recently. The OEM cover was stained from oil leaks so I wanted to replace it as well as the leak (and I wanted the bling down there). I watched the Bank videos as well and at least the B&M cover that I replaced was / is similar to stock as it is rounded on the inside, and not squarish like the ones he was showing. Still waiting for Banks part 3 to come out...
  10. LED Headlights

    Wow big difference!
  11. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    True. That’s a good idea thanks!
  12. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    That would be ideal to really confirm. But I usually have my family with me and don’t want to put them through being stranded lol.
  13. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    So today I filled up around 3/4 empty and filled her back up with 27.453 gallons. I guess this confirms I have more than 26 gallons and gas gauge is somewhat representative of the 45 gallon tank upgrade the previous owner had installed.
  14. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    Yeah this will be my next plan. I’m about 3/4 used of a tank now. Let’s see how much she gets filled up today...so about 18 at half. 3/4 empty, we’ll see....
  15. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    I think that is why my fill ups have always been off. Would you know this could be fixed?

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