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  1. RoarinRow's 2002 2500HD

    My project / bug out truck.
  2. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    Got it thanks. Ah that kind of tuner, thanks I'll look into it.
  3. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    I'm lame. How does one go about programming the pcm?
  4. 45 Gallon Gas Tank Surprise

    I have a standard 6.5' bed. I believe my gas gauge is off and still calculating mileage off the original 26 gallon tank or close to it. Doesn't matter too much cause I always fill up around 1/2 tank.
  5. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    I got them from Amazon here. I figured I give them a try. They had good reviews and the quality was better than what I expected. Just note the wiring in the back of the pods are not flat with the base. So you can't really put them on a flat surface and have the wire come off to the side without modding the rubber base.
  6. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Very cool. Yeah my fogs are HIDs to match my low beam HIDs. I did however put LED in the high beams because when I need to flash someone I don't want to have to wait for the beams to be fully ignited lol.
  7. Possible Project Truck

    I'm not mechanical so I'd keep searching. The outside and interior doesn't look bad at all, but all the rust and things you mention would definitely make it a project truck. I was fortunate to find my 02 2500 with low miles, which I got for about 13k and did not have to replace any mechanical stuff except for the notorious transmission case hole leak issue (knock on wood).
  8. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    That be a lot of lights! Cool!
  9. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    I just did the amber pod lights on my 02 2500hd. The kit came with 4 pods but only used 3 to space it out some. As far as brightness, they are pretty bright at night. I may put a yellow tint film/protector over them just to tone them down. I wired them directly to existing wiring for LED lights I have inside the cab that switch on/off with a cigarette lighter switch.
  10. Roof rack regular cab

    I was just searching to see if anyone else has put a solar panel on the roof of their truck and I found this post. I just did this today. I got the Renogy 100w Kit from Amazon then put it on my existing Yakima rack and not on my camper shell. Here’s how she turned out. Just connected to my main battery for now as this truck is not my daily driver.
  11. HIDs in Projectors and HIDs in yellow tint housing

    I tried LED bulbs in the fog light housing and it just wasn't bright enough. The next photo does show a light line straight across instead of a blast of light with no shape. It's the same 35W as a halogen bulb.
  12. RoarinRow's 2002 2500HD

    Whoops just noticed, thank you!
  13. Stock fog lamps vs LED Beam

    That is what I noticed with LED lights in stock housings, the light is bright, but scattered everywhere. Would HIDs be better in your setup?
  14. Hole in my Transfer Case

    Well I got her back today a few $$$ lighter. I did see the pin hole as everyone has described. I am very lucky that I got where I was going so so little fluid in the transfer case. The shop also replaced the pinion seal, which was also leaking. Next to clean up the underbelly so that future leaks, if any, will be easier to spot. Done.
  15. Very cool! You've got skills!

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