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  1. Sounds like they fed you a line on that one but cant say for sure... either way hopefully your '16 is straight
  2. Once you notice it then it's all downhill. Whenever I walk up to my truck my eyes are instantly drawn to it.
  3. Manufacturers do a lot of things that we scratch our heads over and this is just another example. Once you start googling things and realize it's a common thing then all you can do is shake your head. I did ask the dealer and got the typical response : "It happens, all you have to do is adjust it". And I trust a dealer about as far as I can throw them so that's where I left it. I wish mine had only a 1/4" difference but unfortunately there were at least two of us that didn't get so lucky lol. Being that these are quite large bumpers and do not have outer support leads me to believe that they just hoped that they were all straight and had a certain acceptable tolerance for gaps expecially given the added material that you can see in my pic. IF there are supports or adjustments and I just cant find them then I will gladly eat my words but from what I can see the only way to fix it is by manipulating the shape with force.
  4. I bought my 2015 from a Dealer at the end of 2016. The dealership owner drove it for a couple thousand miles throughout 2016. No rubs, scrapes so odds of it being from hard use are slim to none. Again, I assumed there were adjustment brackets so never thought to hard about it but when I went to put in my new fog lights and adjust it I was mistaken when I couldn't find them. So now here I am posting in hopes someone else has ran into this and has a solution.
  5. Unfortunately that's how it came new, gap is the same on both sides. I thought there would be adjustment supports like older models but was mistaken.
  6. I searched for some answers but all I could find were answers for older styles. Anyone with a 14/15 have this issue with the sides of the front bumper being about 1/2" lower than the front? Crawled under the truck and hunted for adjustment brackets but couldn't find anything attached to the sides of the bumper, just the front. Is yanking the bottom air dam and using a jack to push up a valid solution?
  7. I'm torn. I like the look of no bedside sticker but wish the Z71 emblem on there was a tad smaller. Maybe can find that style in a smoked or black version.
  8. Midnight edition may be right. Here's what made me think of it. https://www.netdirectautosales.com/used/2015-chevrolet-silverado-1500-4x4-crew-cab-ltz-z71-4450/
  9. Anyone know what package put the Z71 vs Silverado on the front doors? I have a '15 Z71 with Silverado on the door but have seen other '15's with Z71
  10. I am looking for the entire grille assembly for the Z71 badge on a '15 Silverado 1500.
  11. Thanks I'll take a peak. I emailed Chevy to see if they can tell me anything... for what that may be worth.
  12. Any ideas where to find that? Looked through a few sites and didn't see anything
  13. Looking at the grille of my 2015 Silverado Z71. Is this what the mounting plate for the grille emblem looks like? I believe it is missing the actual backing plate with the alignment holes for the emblem..what is wrong here?
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