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  1. New 2020 HD with camo removed

    I'm not too crazy about the front but the rest of it looks pretty good. Other than the fuel MPG I am very content with my 2016 2500HD gasser so I likely wouldn't be trading up regardless, but I would not be ashamed driving the new one around. And on the plus side - the roof hasn't changed so we can still look forward to the leaky antenna!
  2. I have sensed a little wandering at speeds over 60 and am not sure yet if it is real or imagined. My girlfriend has driven the truck and does not think there is a problem. Also, my other car is a C7 Corvette which has very responsive steering so maybe I am exaggerating the difference between the two and if I had not been following this thread I wouldn't even think I had a problem with the truck. I just had the second free service done at about 10k miles. I mentioned to the service desk that I thought the truck was wandering and asked them to look for anything obvious. You can see by the picture how seriously they took it. It does not do a lot to build the faith in my dealer!
  3. I think the recall is for the seatbelt pretensioner/airbag interface, but the harness not releasing should be warrantied even if not covered on a recall. I am not married so I do not know of any recalls on wives.
  4. Thank you for the info, I did not know that. The little N is not too easy to see before the light comes on.
  5. Leaky antenna on roof

    Storming and blowing here too, and the inside is still dry with the week old antenna.
  6. Leaky antenna on roof

    Thanks for the replies. It doesn't sound too encouraging but maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones. How long before the third brake light starts leaking? I guess it's a little much to expect a $50k truck not to leak. Maybe I should keep it in the garage and park the convertible out in the rain. What a shame. Except for this one problem I really like this truck. I am confident it can be fixed if it isn't already. Thanks again.
  7. I just got back from having the high frequency antenna (shark fin) replaced on the roof of my 2016 2500HD Chevy. The tech said they replaced the old one with a new one that is the same part as the old. He said the way they snap in they can't be reused once they are removed. While waiting at the window I saw a service sheet for another truck which said that poor guy was getting at least his second fix for a leak. So, my question is - how many times can this be expected to happen? My goodness, it cannot be that difficult to seal up a hole if the roof. What have others ran into with this problem? He said the headliner was fine and only needed drying out. There is no visible sign at all of there ever being a problem so I am OK with that, but I sure don't want to do it again. Thanks!
  8. The plastic on the GMC bumper does indeed look odd but the hole in the front of the Silverado with the exposed cooler or condenser or whatever it is looks plain bad. It's like they ran out of parts when building it. I had the aftermarket grille to fit in there ordered before I even took delivery of the truck. Now it's sweet! I prefer the looks of the GMC front end to the Chevy but the Silverado at the dealer just down the street having the exact equipment I wanted won out over the slight difference in looks when they accepted my offer. I am completely pleased with the choice. These are very nice trucks regardless of which one you choose.
  9. It's the system itself I am leery of; the looks of the tank simply made the decision easy. My last few years at work were in a heavy equipment shop and although I wasn't working much on the machinery myself I did a lot of listening to the guys saying that it will take a few years for the latest emissions technology to get integrated seamlessly. They hated the DEF systems on the big stuff and said it would be harder to make it fit in efficiently on the smaller engines. A couple of manufacturers didn't even try - they just lied about it. You are correct, the boat I tow is only about 7500 pounds so I do not really need the diesel. But then I don't really need the boat, either. Diesel pickups are cool, there is no doubt about it, and since I am somewhat impulsive I would likely have spent the money on something I didn't need (I am good at that!) if it didn't have the one feature I couldn't bring myself to like.
  10. On the other hand, I sure don't miss the points and condensers.
  11. The 6.0 was the choice in my 2016 Chevy 2500. I like reading about Its proven reliability and trouble free longevity. To be honest, the biggest reason for not getting diesel is the DEF system and the hideous tank. One look at it and there was no question. I had a 2004 Dodge 3500 with the last Cummins built before the regs went bonkers, and I still kick myself once in a while for letting it go. I also have another Chevy with the 6.2L LT1. It has direct injection, AFM cylinder deactivation, makes 460 hp and 465 torque, will do 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, and gets 25 miles per gallon easily. It is a pretty sweet power plant so I am not in total agreement with all the arguments to stick with the old technology and avoid aluminum engines. However, if the 6.0 in my new truck is as great as everyone says I am quite content with the poor mpg.
  12. Thank you for asking that one. I am curious myself and will be watching the replies.
  13. 2016 2500hd maint schedule

    On the other hand, if a truck goes 200,000 miles with no problems at all then there is something to be said for the guy's maintenance practices. My dealer provides a lifetime power train warranty if the recommended maintenance schedule is followed, and I doubt the new truck will ever see 100k in what little is left of my lifetime, so I will stick with the book. Don't get me wrong, I think proactive maintenance is always wise and do not think anyone should do less of it than they feel is needed, but use your own judgement coupled with the manufacturer's suggestions and the service tech's advice (if paying for it).
  14. There has been a lot of good information posted to this thread and I have learned some things. Thanks to all. But, since this thread is going sideways anyway... They should put the 6.2l LT1 in these trucks. Corvettes have more hp and torque and get 30 mpg. Of course they don't tow worth a damn and can't haul much, plus you have to use premium gas. Also - Cowpie - thank you for changing your photo. Watching you squeeze that frog wasn't fun.

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