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  1. My Dad put my wheels and tires on his 17’ Silverado. He had plain Jane wheels on it before.
  2. I've always used top mounted spacers. The bottom mounts look a bit sketchy in my view. The top mounts use their own studs (the stock studs get buried in the spacer) so I've never had to cut the stock studs - but then I've always used a 2 1/2" kit. I guess a thinner spacer may cause the studs to protrude through the top of the spacer, and require you to cut them off. I think that the top mount is the way to go, even if it costs a few bucks more.
  3. I recently upgraded from my 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT to a 2019 Sierra 1500 SLT. So of course I did my usual upgrades: window tint, spray-in bedliner, 2.5" level kit and Fuel Beast 20" wheels with 305/55R20 rubber. I did the level kit(s) over the weekend and put the new wheels and tires on. I think it looks much better now. I just left Belle Tire getting the front end re-aligned, so I should be good to go. I do have a slight tire rub at full lock at the rear of the wheel well, so I'll have to trim back the plastic/carpet in that area. Other than that, it looks great. The level kit was a Motofab 2.5" in the front, and a Motofab 1" in the rear. For some reason, the 1" in the rear gave me a lot more than that though. Prior to the leveling kits, my front height (ground to bottom of fender flare) was 36.875" and my rear height was 38".50". After the leveling kit, my front height is now 39.50 (increase of 2.625") and the rear height is 40.75" (increase of 2.25")
  4. Thanks for the info. I may just cut my losses, sell the I2 and buy the Hypertech. I won't get any HP or mileage gains, but at least my speedo will read correctly and my mileage will be right.
  5. Here is what I hear from Diablo Sport (06MonteSS) yesterday: "The tire size setting is most likely in the TCM/tranny module on the new 2017's like it is for 2016's.. BUT, the 2017 TCM/tranny can not be tuned.. only the engine will be able to be tuned for 2017's..." They did not mention timing at all in their response to me. In mid-January they said they were 2-3 weeks from releasing something for the 2017 5.3L, but tomorrow will be six weeks from when they said that and I still haven't seen anything. So apparently I paid $399 for a "brick" that will not tune my truck OR change my tire size. Best investment I ever made....said no one ever. I guess I'll find someone with a 2015 or 2016 and see if they will buy it from me. Who knows, maybe a year from now they will finally "crack" the code and might have a product that will actually work on my truck.....
  6. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 4X4, 5.3L, 6-speed trans. I leveled it and want to go with bigger tires. I bought the Diablo I2 thinking I could add a custom tune and change the tire size all at the same time. Well, what I didn't realize is that Diablo doesn't support 2017's yet because GM "made it harder to tune the ECU for 2017." So I've had a brand new $399 tuner for six weeks waiting for Diablo to come out with an update to support the 2017 5.3L. Today I finally heard from them, not about when the tune will be available, but that I won't be able to change my tire size due to the 2017 "restrictions" or whatever. Are there any other tuners that work on 2017 GMC's? That will allow me to change my tire size and also add a tune (turn AFM off, add a few HP, get better mileage)? It looks like I might as well have burned $399 for all that the I2 is going to do for me (if it ever gets an update to even work on a 2017.) Let me know if anyone has a 2017 and has had luck with another tuner. I'm getting tired of Diablo.
  7. Yep. You're right. I did the calc's with a 60 aspect ratio instead of 65. The 275/65's are actually just over 34" diameter, as you stated. So, now the question is taller or wider? Do you go with 34" diameter and a 275mm (10.8") wide tire or a 33.2" diameter and a 305mm (12") wide tire? What does everyone think looks the best?
  8. I'm just curious why you stayed with 275/65's instead of going with something wider? Maybe a 305/55R20? The diameter is only slightly different (33" with the 275/65's vs. 33.2" with the 305/55's.) I suppose there is more patch contact area from a 305 vs a 275, so you will get a little more drag (ie. less fuel mileage) but I personally just think that the wider tires look so much better on a lifted/leveled truck. From everything I've read it seems like the 305/55R20 will fit on a truck with at least a 2" level. There is a possibility for a very minor rub at full lock, but if it does it would be minor. Some people have stated they had a 2" level with zero rub on the 305's. I just picked-up a 2017 GMC Sierra and put a 2.5" Motofab level kit on it, and am planning on putting 305/55R20 K02's on it in the next week or two. I was just curious if there was a fit issue that prevented you from going wider, or if it was just cost and fuel mileage. Your truck looks great though! I've always like BFG's for all around tires. Not too noisey on the highway and great off-road in the woods.
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