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  1. I didn't have an issue with my 2017 1500, but got some of the symptoms mentioned in this thread. Set an appointment for Tuesday to drop off. Wondering if I can take this to work Monday. 2018 Sierra 1500 CCSB with 7.5k miles http://imgur.com/gallery/DuennvB
  2. Seems like an average price. I think you should be able to easily beat it. My local dealer had a comparable one for $28.7 ($44305 MSRP) last month. Mid $28 to low $29 was my range for 4x2 all star or texas edition crew cabs. Currently, my local dealer has this $30.9K truck ($45K MSRP)(https://tinyurl.com/hqs25oh)
  3. I'm from Texas, picked up at Laura and had a great drive back Forgot to mention other pertinent details: Double cab 5.3L 3.42 rear trailering package
  4. 2017 Stone Blue Metallic Sierra 1500 Elevation Edition 4x2 MSRP $38.3K, $25.9K OTD.
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