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  1. The issue I was having was a vibration felt in the driver's seat and in the truck cab. It only happened in V4 mode at low RPMs. This would be from 1000 t0 1200 RPM. It started as an intermitant problem and slowly got worse. It always seemed to appear between 60 and 70 kph but would appear at lower speeds as well. The service techs that drove the truck felt it could be heard as much as felt inside the cab of the truck.
  2. Prior to my last post I had visited my dealer suggesting that my 2015 had a transmission issue based on information I had received onn this forum. They quickly dismissed my therory and I felt I had reached the end on my rope. As suggested by a local transmission shop I added a transmission anti shuddering additive. This was done with the permision of the GM dealer I was dealing with. Feeling there was no hope in getting my truck fixed I began shopping for a new truck. I had a truck selected and then I contacted GM customer service hoping for some finacial assistance to replace the truck that "could not be fixed". To my suprise this representative was very helpful. She took all my information and then said she would call back in a few days. In a few days she called back and asked me to return to the dealer for a attempt to repair the truck. They had the truck for one day and too my suprise the truck appears to be fixed. It may not be perfect but it is more than 95% better and to this point I am satisfied and will no longer be looking to replace my truck. The issue with the truck was a vibration in the exhaust system. The repair was to replace the exhaust from the cat convertor back. There appears to be a back pressure device in the system. In the new system this device has been moved from downstrem of the muffler to in front of the muffler. This has solved my complaint.
  3. I took the information from Docknow9 to the dealer suggesting the repair would solve the vibration issues with my 2015 Silverado. I had taken the truck to this dealer for evaluation and while a problem was identified I thought we we waiting for a repair procedure from GM. This was backed up by a conversation with GM customer care who informed me that the engineers are working on a solution and asked that I be patient. When I brought this information to the dealer they informed that it only applied to the 8 speed transmission not the 6 speed. The mood on helping me had changed as well. They quoted the last service report on the truck and now claim the vibration in the truck is normal. This was all now identified in a new sevice report that now contained "tech notes". These notes claim the tech drove another truck and verified that the vibration was present in that truck as well. The service advisor spent 1/2 an hour trying to reproduce the vibration in a new 2017 with no success. He requested that he and the service manager test drive my truck again. The service advisor drove the truck with me in it and identified a vibration in the 40 mph range (60 to 70 kph). He claims this is normal despite the fact that this vibration did not show up until 35000 kilometers and one year of service. The service manager declined to drive the truck. I had a civil conversation with the service manager questioning the two different service reports and the GM customer care department advising me that they are working on a solution. No explanation to the updated service report and basicly told me that "the engineers are working on the problem" is the same as "the check is in the mail". I feel the customer group could be saying anything to get me to stop pursuing the mater. Despite two dealers identifying this annoying vibration I still have no agreement that it is not normal and needs to be corrected. It gets worse every time I drive it especially when the truck is cold, vibrating so bad it shakes the steering wheel. I feel like GM is hoping I will get tired of the battle and just give up and live with the problem. That's not happening. This issue drives me crazy everytime I drive the the truck. A local transmission shop thinks it could be the torque convertor and has a process for confirming it. I will keep the forum updated. Special note - the service manager asked me to let him know if the transmission shop confirms that there is a torque converor issue but even with this information he still will not commit to repairing the truck.
  4. Does anyone have a copy of this "Information on Vibration Analysis and Diagnostic 2014/2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra" any link I try does not work. I am currently having a vibration issue with my 2015 Silverado and I am not have the best luck dealing with GM.
  5. I joined this forum based on experiences of a relative who joined another GM forum some time ago. He found these forums to be quite informative. I am a long time GM truck owner. To this point i have never owned a truck that wasn't built by GM. I currently own a tungsten metallic Silverado double cab with the Z71 option. The truck is equipped with the bucket seat option and currently has 50,000 k on it.
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