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  1. I had a 2016 Silverado crew Z71 4x4 and it was smooth as glass til I was in an accident this spring when the truck had 28000 on it. To replace it I got a 2016 Sierra slt all terrain double cab and it has the shakes. Oddly enough, I have it around 42-48 mph then again at 75+. I'd be thrilled with the truck if it didn't have the slower speed shake. I never drive that fast lol. I had a PICO scope done and the dealer told me they have a truck on the lot (brand new) that shook worse. Going to take it back in and kindly ask them to check again with me on the ride so I can make sure I'm satisfied with their test. If it shakes worse I'll have them road force balance the tires and go from there to get it smoothed out.
  2. I have a 16 Z71 crew cab 1500 lt with the standard style mirrors. Dl8 I believe they are. My dad has a 2016 sierra 2500 with the dl3 mirrors (again I believe). He wants the mirrors I have and I want the ones off his. Is that a plug and play swap? Like if I take his mirrors and harnesses and he takes mine?
  3. Well I'm a DIY guy but not sure how much I like electical so I would most likely buy your harnesses. How are these for mirrors? https://www.carid.com/2016-chevy-silverado-mirrors/spyder-towing-mirrors-186147317.html
  4. My truck has the DL8 mirrors. If I wanted to switch to tow mirrors with the lights working but no power fold what all do I need? Obviously mirrors, but what do I need for wiring? Full harness or just the DIY kit? Or nothing?
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