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  1. I put my truck back to stock and traded it in. No longer need. Won't fit new truck. Nothing wrong with it.
  2. Have turbo kit and that was the plan u til a couple months ago. Went a different route with life and sold a couple vehicles including the Silverado.
  3. Easier than headers in the hotside.
  4. This is a custom made single turbo kit built for a 2014-2018 GM Trucks Stainless hotside with v-band connectiond Both Warner s369sxe 69/73 turbo Tial wastegate 3.5" downpipe intercooler and cold piping. Needs air filter, oil supply and return setup and a way to finish exhaust after downpipe. Kit was built and installed for about three weeks to verify fitment and function and then shipped to me. $4000 shipped in the US OBO. It includes all hoses, clamps, feed and drain lines. Also has new MSD plug wires as well as GM exhaust manifold gaskets NIB. It will also include a NIB Tial 50mm BOV with an aluminum and mild steel bung. It came with an aluminum one but I bought a steel one to work with this kit. Also includes two mild steel methanol injector bungs.
  5. It sounds awesome to me. It all depends on your muffler. You can check out my YouTube channel and listen to mufflers with headers and go back and listen to some of them with stock manifolds as well. I went for loud and aggressive though. A larger oval muffler can still be relatively quiet.
  6. That depends on what all you buy. If you buy it all, I'll cover shipping.
  7. SOLD Kooks 1-3/4" long tube headers I recently took off my 2015 Silverado 5.3L. Approximately 40,000 miles on them without issue. Comes with stock gaskets. I also have their green catted y-pipe that I used with them and a brand new off-road y-pipe still in box. The catted y-pipe has been welded up as one piece to get rid of clamps and leaks. $600 Headers $300 catted y-pipe $375 off-road y-pipe $850 headers and catted y-pipe $950 Headers and off-road y-pipe $1150 Everything
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