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  1. Yep. Another towing thread

    Could you get the 2017's with 3.73s? Could only get 3.42s on my 16
  2. Modding my 2016 Silverado Z71

    I hope you did a good smokey burnout before the old tires came off, its kind of a rule!
  3. 2017 Grill in 2014 Silverado

    the second one you posted must be the colorado. The first one looks to be the silverado, but its definitely not a 16+ For $50, I'd say jump on it, you can always resell it later, for more money even. If you need some help getting off your grill, check here
  4. This should help when you get around to swapping the old one out
  5. Changing a front bumper 2016

    It might take a while, but eBay has some decent bumpers occasionally
  6. new 5.3 growl when start up

    I'm usually about 100 yards away when I use the remote start, plus my exhaust is loud on cold starts, might explain why I haven't heard it
  7. If you have any welding abilities you can definitely remove the flapper valve yourself, I got rid of it plus the resonator and muffler, truck sounds great. Plus a picture of my air dam removed when I added foglights
  8. new 5.3 growl when start up

    I wonder why the noise would be more common when using remote start? Its the same starter doing the same thing on the same motor...
  9. Fresh snow means fresh pics.

    This is all amateur snow Its been snowing for 48 hours straight here in NY, we have over 2 feet in 2 days
  10. Switch location suggestion

    any part number for the extra switch panel? I just have the large mirror/dome lights and TSC buttons
  11. What's you engine hours/miles

    I think I win? 44.3 mph average
  12. When to use Flex fuel/E85?

    Can we run E85 without modifications to the truck? -2016 5.3L
  13. 3.73 re-gear

    Warranty was voided as soon as you put on the lift. Not even dealer installed lift kits keep the warranty intact.
  14. Wanted: 2016+ Silverado front end parts

    EDIT: I now have a chrome bumper, I would still like to purchase one of the following 1: 2016+ Midnight/Blackout Edition Black Grille and Headlights with Black trim. 2: 2016+ Ocean Blue Metallic Body Color Front Bumper, grille, and headlights I have been waiting for someone to wreck their truck locally but no luck yet
  15. WTT chrome bumpers off 2017 for color match

    I too would also like to trade chrome for ocean blue color matched free bump

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