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  1. I think my ride is SLIGHTLY softer with 2" shackles and shock extenders. (Still stock shocks) May do those and get the lowering struts up front and set them at 0.5" and 1" depending on how the look is as soon as i remove the rear block. I want a tiny bit of rake. Thanx, Krunch
  2. Ok, another question... How does the ride quality compare between a 2" shackle and block delete, and a 4" drop via a flip kit? Thanx, Krunch
  3. Can you elaborate on the leafs being too soft? While I notice an improvement in ride quality in my truck with just 2” lowering shackles and shock extenders, I am actually wondering now if I should have done those leafs (McGauthys I assume you are referring to) as I would like my truck to ride like a cloud More info in the leafs would be appreciated thanx, krunch
  4. Was hoping to do a little more before posting but... The hillbilly package is partially uninstalled. 2” McGauthys Spindles 2” McGauthys Shackles Niche 22” M192 Altair Wheels Lionheart 285-45-22 Tires Ventshades Retrax Tonneau Cover Trailer hutch delete (not needed) 4X4 Decal Delete (working on custom “Blackout” graphics) Dirt Looks almost level in this pic, must be the ground. Still need to remove the rear block.
  5. Can you describe the spacers / know the diameter, length, and hole size by any chance? Thanx, Krunch
  6. Much thread left on the bolts when you torqued them down? Odd that Belltech offers a "Spacer" with their kit if they are not needed. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row for when I drop my truck off to my guy to lower it. I don't want, and can't afford delays when doing this. Thanx, Krunch
  7. Hey guys! Just ordered my McG spindles, 2" lowering shackles, and shock extenders (just in case) today. I am removing the block as well from the axle, but forgot to address the "Spacers" I need as the consensus here seems to be that its ok to reuse the old bolts. I know Belltech has a spacer in their kit, trying to see if I can order that separately. I think I've heard to use washers as well? What type, size, and quantity? Using washers sounds kinda hackish to me but I may have no other option. I've seen replacement bolt P/N: 15002781 referenced here as being shorter but Rock Auto's price is about $23 a piece plus shipping and it says it's not for my 2016. Any other suggestions besides flat washers I should consider? Thanx, Krunch
  8. I only plan to throw a few pieces of lumber in it every now and again or my bike which is about 500 lbs. Thanx, Krunch
  9. What about bump stops? Will I need to replace or modify the OEM ones? Thanx, Krunch
  10. Hmmm... I think I understand what they may have done, and doing this may have eliminated the need for spacers on your bolts. If that’s what they did, I wonder if they added some sort of plate between the top of the rubber block and the u-bolts so the bolts wouldn’t squat into the rubber? thanx, krunch
  11. Flipped the block? I thought it got deleted? thanx, krunch
  12. Ii have 4WD, I have 20” stock rims and winter tires for winter, and just bolted on the 22” summer rims and tires. So I don’t need to trim any studs? would consider reusing the bolts but I would also need to buy spacers anyway right? thanx, krunch
  13. I was leaning towards McGaughys parts. I think I read something about having to cut a nut or something on the Bell spindles? Was also considering ordering new, shorter bolts to eliminate spacers completely. Do I need shock extenders and different bump stops for the rear drop I am planning? Thanx, Krunch
  14. Hey guys, I think I have decided where I want to start with my lowering. I hope to order spindles for the front, and 2” lowering shackles and remove the rubber block between the leafs and the the axel. Should be about 2/3.5ish. Should maintain a little rake when empty and level out when I have my bike in the back will I need new, shorter bolts for the leaf springs and what about shock extenders? Anything else I am forgetting? Thanx, Krunch
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