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  1. Nasty, Im also interested in why you would choose the coils over the struts in this situation. This is the exact decision I am about to make. Would the coils / spindles make a better ride or are their other gains to solving this vs using struts / spindles. thanx, krunch
  2. Nice truck. 24”s I assume? What tire size? krunch
  3. 204-WPG, I should take a rip to Winnipeg and check out your truck and chat if I could ever find the time. You don't happen to visit Brandon from time to time by chance do you? Krunch
  4. Just curious Daly. What drop, front and rear are you targeting? I also have a 4x4 and bell told me more than 2/4 is not recommended on a 4x4. thanx, Krunch
  5. Just Bell or Mcgauheys as well? Thanx, Krunch
  6. That's kit is not adjustable to a 1/2" is it? Or based on before and after measurements this is where you landed? Thanx, Krunch
  7. What setup is this from stock... 3/5? Thanx, Krunch
  8. You have seen shark fin antennas that have fewer leads that multipurpose fewer connectors? If that's the case, some sort of Y adapter must be used to split the leads or something. Couldn't find anything online but is it possible that there are few to no differences in today's Sat/GPS/Cell antennas? I have seen pics of the backside of some shark fins online with 3 wires and there's not a lot of space in in that thing to begin with. I'm almost tempted to just try plugging in the purple connector to my Sirius and see what happens but I don't think I can get that fakra connector off without destroying it. I do have an extension cable in transit that might allow me to test this. I couldn't careless if OnStar goes away, I'll never use it. Have already thought about switching out that mirror in favor of an electrochromatic version to replace my "flip" mirror. Thanx, Krunch
  9. Agreed... i also found rhis online about farka connector colors. It may mean nothing but the black does jive with that being am/fm. I wonder if I have “Bordeaux Violet” And “Brown” which are “cellular”and “TV2 “respectively. Which could also make sense and these are for the onstar/WiFi and my backup camera... again, respectively. I’m loosing hope Krunch
  10. No luck on a tan connector... Purple, Brown, and black. the metal collar on the black one looks a little smaller than the brown and purple. The brown and purple are connected to the wifi module, (bottom module on my pic a couple posts up). The black one is connected to the “ASM - Receiver” module that is located directly above the WiFi module. Dont see a tan fakra connector in there in the immediate area.
  11. IOB Possibly? Vin also on that label if I’m Wrong.
  12. Good question, what’s a simple way to tell? I don’t have the original vehicle sticker. Last few digits of vin are 193826 does that help? thanx, krunch
  13. I am either confused, or not understanding you. My truck has no OEM XM radio. I just want to use the shark fin antenna on the roof for my Sirius One radio (lifetime sub). Thanx, Krunch
  14. Soooo neither is for SiriusXM? Thanx, Krunch

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