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  1. XM Radio Antenna

    Bump! Did you get this figured out Dave? I'm thinking I want to do a similar, possibly identical thing. I have an old Sirius One receiver. Tiny, has been rock solid and all I need. It's been in the Impala we just sold for over 11 years (lifetime sub). I want to move this little bugger to my 2016 Silverado and use the shark fin antenna on the roof if possible. Note - My radio is from the days of when there was "Sirius" and "XM" ie, pre-merger. Hoping the shark fin supports both XM and Sirius radios now. The second thing I will do is run a cable from my Sirius One to the Aux jack in the truck. Any help appreciated. Thanx, Krunch
  2. From what I understand so far, the spindles are the best way to lower. They will give you 2". At least the McG will. A spindle will not cause this. But you can only get 2" of drop from a spindle. So I suspect no issues whatsoever if only lowering 2". If you add another 2" on coils, and another 2" on struts, it will start to become not centered but not as bad as if you lowered 6" without using spindles at all. I'm new here to so if I am wrong, someone correct me. Krunch
  3. According to the McG site, the 34050 spindle is for OEM cast arms on both 2wd and 4wd. The 34200 spindle is for stamped or aluminum arms, 2wd only. I'm wondering if there is no such thing as a 14-18 truck with 4wd and stamped or aluminum arms maybe? How this applies to Maxtrac? Not sure, haven't looked at their stuff...yet... I was sticking with Bell or McG originally as they were the two that seemed to be most popular, and I assume for good reason. Krunch
  4. Or reduce it from the passenger's side I assume Krunch
  5. I'm assuming when you mention it helps correct the "Chevy Lean" this is not because of the strut itself, but rather when you have lowering struts you have the ability to "adjust" them via the spacers that are included with them? Thanx, Krunch
  6. Just want to clarify something in this post as well... You're at 4/6 and with parts above you did not need to replace the OEM shocks or struts? Thanx, Krunch
  7. Greatly appreciated Jake! More info for me to absorb and learn this stuff. Just had our first official snowfall last night, about 3-4 inches so far, and drove to work this morning, first time ever in my life in over 25 years of driving having an RWD in snow. It was "fun" to say the least. 4X4 wasn't necessary, but would have made my life easier i'm sure but never engaged it. All season tires with 50% tread left and no weight in the back didn't help either Right now I am leaning towards the McG kit as I can buy it adjustable. Then once I see it installed, if I want to move it one way or the other, I'll already have the parts. Or is the Bell "kit" shipped the same way? I also use the word "kit" loosely now as I know I will have multiple P/N's because of my 4X4. Thanx, Krunch
  8. I have... and lovelessjl's truck as well. 4/6 looks great! But it's not all appearance. I need the right amount of clearance for the roads here (which are very crappy) and winter / snow is on the way here! I'll probably even take the front plastic lip off for winter regardless of which drop height I decide on. Thanx, Krunch
  9. Uhhmmmyeahnokinda What you're saying is I can drop the front 2" with the "Drop Shocks" in that kit and it will cause the axles to move a little towards the back (front wheel not centered in the wheel well syndrome we'll call it?) Add drop spindles for 2" more of drop, giving me 4" total, but won't make the wheel well centering any worse? 1.) If that's what you're saying, again, the kit Bell quoted me was for the wrong year of truck to start with according to their webpage. 2.) The part number in that kit they quoted (drop spindle set 2509) says, "Belltech Drop Spindles offer a 2 or 3 inch drop depending on the application" so is it 2" or 3" on the spindles in that kit? Is it easier for me to ask, if you had my truck, which kit, kit plus additional parts, or individual parts from both Bell and McG would you get for a 3/5 to 4/6 drop. The ability to adjust it up or down a little in case I don't like the look, or clearance is just not enough for here (remember, snow, and I have a 4X4). Thanx, Krunch
  10. I wonder if I could get some more input. Especially from quank and lovelessjl. You guys are both 4X4 right? I emailed Bell and this is the response I got... "Hello,Thank you for contacting Belltech. The lowest we go on a 4WD is a 2/4" if you have the cast control arms you will need part number 641SP.Regards,Sarah DuranSales and Technical Adviser" I'm not sure if her reply was a typo or not but I said my truck was a, "2016, Silverado, Double cab, WT, 4X4", yet the part number she gave above says its for 07-13 on their website. Looked at the McGauthys website and didn't even see a link to send an email there. I don't want to damage anything in my 4WD if that's the problem. Input? Thanx, Krunch
  11. Are your wheels 24" and what tire size? Thanx, Krunch
  12. So does both the McG kit and the Bell kit cause this issue? Krunch
  13. Question: With a lowering kit, are new arms and arm mounts available from anywhere to solve this? (Sorry, my OCD makes me a perfectionist and I like to know every detail of what to expect :))
  14. That does help me. My 2016 extended 4X4 I just bought is technically a "WT" - "Work Truck" and to me it's tight as F%&K! This is the first truck I have ever owned but I don't think I have ridden in a truck this rough before. I'm trying to quit smoking and i'm afraid i'm going to smash my teeth out on my vape pen just driving around town! Krunch
  15. What do you think is the main reason why it rides better than stock? Are the shocks alone responsible for this or the entire kit working together. How's the ride quality compared to your old Mcgauheys or is that not a fair comparison as that was a different truck? Thanx, Krunch

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