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  1. So I went out to my vehicle today and started it up and I no longer have the Heads Up Display on the windshield. I tried holding the dim button up to see if it would turn on and nothing. I also held it down and still nothing. I looked in the manual and there is no fuse that says it is for the HUD. Has anyone experienced this at all, and how do I even start to troubleshoot it? From what I can tell, everything else is working just fine.
  2. 4 to 5 more inches will allow it in the console at the bottom of the hinge. I did what this other member did that you posted, but it was a tight fit. My vehicle is a 2017 Yukon Denali so not sure if that makes a difference or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Big thanks to Pgamboa for the wiring harness. My charging unit arrived yesterday and I just installed it and it works great! The only thing I would change in the harness is make it about 4 inches longer so that the white connector is in the center console and not have to stuff back under the lid.
  4. I tried searching for that part number and it comes up with 0 results.
  5. Since the charger supposedly does not even offer the 5W that the standards state (which is the issue in the first place as they did not follow the spec standards for Qi), it does not matter what the phone will allow. It is still going to be a hardware charger issue and not the phone or the software.
  6. It is not an Apple issue. This is a GM issue. No but of software will fix a hardware issue with the hardware that was used in the vehicle itself.
  7. Which means that they did not follow the Qi Spec. See below for version 1.0 of the spec. A brief history of the Qi specification Qi specifications are numbered with three digits: X.Y.Z. For example 1.0.3 X is called the major revision number. Specifications with the same major revision number are backward and forward compatible. Y is called the minor revision number. A change in minor revision number implies that new requirements are introduced while maintaining backward compatibility previously certified products Z is called the editorial revision number. Editorial revisions include clarifications, integrate new transmitter designs into one document, and may add new test to the test specifications. CURRENT VERSION OF THE QI SPECIFICATION The current version of the Qi specification has version number 1.2.3. The Qi specification that is available for public download has version 1.2.2. Version 1.2.3 is available only to members of the Wireless Power Consortium. It will be made available for public download later in 2017. HISTORY OF THE QI SPECIFICATION Version 1.0 Qi transmitter delivers 5 Watt power into a Qi phone. Choice of transmitter designs include single coil transmitter, coil array transmitter, and moving coil transmitter. High flexibility in design of Qi receivers Limited flexibility in the design of Qi transmitters Version 1.1 Increased design freedom for transmitters. You can now choose between 12 different transmitter specifications. Increased sensitivity of "Foreign Object Detection". This prevents heating of metal objects in the neighborhood of an active transmitter. The possibility to power a Qi transmitter with a USB charger. Version 1.2 Fast charging. The possibility for transmitters to deliver up to 15 Watt power and the option for receivers to obtain up to 15 Watt. An improved thermal test for transmitters Improved timing requirements Changed limits for Foreign Object Detection improve the sensitivity. Optional unique identifier for power receivers (WP-ID)
  8. I'm not trying to be a jerk about this. I just want GM to fix the issue that they clearly caused by not following the proper specs. I can tell you that if Apple did not follow the spec, my iPhone X would not charge on this old wireless charger that I have sitting at my desk here at work. This charger is also only a 5W charger so it is not a fast charger or anyting like that since that is newer technology with the standards specs.
  9. I took the wireless charger module out and touched the phone directly to it and it does the same thing. Again, it is a GM issue, not an Apple issue.
  10. Ummm, no, not all the Samsungs out there are charging just fine. My wife has a Galaxy S7 (non-edge) and it connects for 3 seconds and then stops. Again, GM did not follow the Qi specs which means that not all phones will work. If they correctly followed the specs, there would be no issues at all. Why do you think that the 18's have no issue with any phone at all? GM changed the module and followed the correct specs, hence why it works in those.
  11. This is not an apple issue. I have an old wireless charger here at my office that follow the Qi Spec and it charges my iPhone X just fine. GM is the one that did not follow the spec and it will not charge the phones.
  12. Here is what I ordered yesterday after trying the trick did not work. The second part is a harness that plug in between the cigarette lighter and the cable so that you can get the +12V power and not modify cables. It is a great little T-Harness in my opinion. I should have everything within the next week and I will let you all know how it works. It goes in the factory spot so that it looks nice. http://www.brandmotion.com/2015-tahoe-suburban-yukon-qi-wireless-charging-kit-fdmc-1273.html and http://www.brandmotion.com/freedomcharge-power-point-t-harness-fdmc-1900.html
  13. I tried the removal trick and it did not work like in the video. I think I am going to get the aftermarket freedom charge unit that is made for 2015 to 2017 sierras and yukons. They also make a adapter that uses the factory plus from the cigarette lighter so no splicing of cables.
  14. So, does anyone know what that piece actually does? Does it act as a regulator or something?
  15. I just got back from the dealership. I went there just to test my iPhone X to see if it would charge and it did with no issues. There is a difference between the 2017 model and the 2018 models. This is a problem that GM needs to fix as they did not follow the proper certification specs until the 2018 model year.
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