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  1. If I'm correct, those are more-than-likely low output HID's in the low beams and halogen in high beams, I replaced the high beams with some very bright LED's and the low beams with Clear White HID's! Looks amazing!
  2. I made my 2017 GMC Yukon XL Denali all HID/LED; LED high beams, fog lights, reverse lights, and license plate lights. I upgraded my low beams to a clear white HID bulb. Day and night difference. As you said you have a Suburban LT so I'm guessing your low beams are a yellow-ish HID?
  3. Are you selling your Denali wood trim? I'd be interested if so!
  4. I talked to my dealer today and we located the pieces for the doors but we can not figure out the wood grain for the center console? Any ideas why?
  5. Can y'all post pictures of your headlights at night, I feel like the LED ring around mine has missing spots and all the pictures I'm seeing are a solid white line but they are the promotional pictures so I just wanted to see everyday trucks, non-edited pictures of the LED daytime lights.
  6. I am still looking for a cluster! If anyone finds/or wants to sell their 2016 Denali Instrument Cluster let me know!
  7. I have the Icons equipped right now and they last a life time, when I got my old truck I bought them right away and still had them on when I sold it 2 1/2 years later. They are long-lasting and effective!
  8. The higher the truck the better it looks I think!
  9. Yes! It took me a day to figure out the perfect way, because it is too large for the pad, what I find works is I prop the end of my phone on the rubber step (closest to rear of the truck) and have the top of my phone right under the label (where it shows the pictures of how to place it) and it charges fine there every time. And no, it is always on and you'll know your phone is charging by 1. the phone obviously says so or 2. the phone icon on your 8" display in the truck has a green arrow by it telling you your phone is connected to the wireless charger! If you need more help I can take pictures of the set up and arrow, etc.!
  10. Mine came in a couple days ago and it works great! Thanks for the help!
  11. I'm thinking of removing the air dam on my truck to provide better ground clearance and an overall better look. Just curious what you guys thought and wondering if anyone has already and has experienced any MPG loss or things in that nature?
  12. I just started airing up my tires to 40 PSI rather than the suggested 32 PSI to preserve them for longer, the max on the Goodyear is 44 PSI so it gives me wiggle room, hoping it helps as I'm not a huge fan of Goodyear but don't feel like swapping out brand new tires.
  13. I have an iPhone 7 Plus so it is too large for the pad so what I find works is I prop the end of my phone on the rubber step and have the top of my phone right under the label and it charges fine there every time.
  14. But what about in the case of having off-road tires where normal PSI should be 50-60 etc. but the truck sticker displays normal at 34 PSI?
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