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  1. I had the same feeling when I replaced my battery in my 15 a couple weeks ago, though mine was about 5 months older than yours
  2. The reason for asking which arms is because Aluminum ones are thicker and require longer bolts. Motofab most likely just provides hardware that can be used with any of the different types of control arms
  3. My 15 Sierra has almost 106k and doesn't have any of those problems
  4. Welcome to the forum Tom. I installed VLED headlights in my truck about a month ago and had the same problem. I had to order a capacitor from them in order for the lights to stay on. Hope that helps with your problem
  5. I have read through this thread and did a lot of research on the LMZs before purchasing them for my Sierra SLT. I modified my dust caps the same way that TX_AT did his in this thread. Last night I got everything hooked up and the lights worked great when the headlight switch was on and the truck was not running. About 10-15 seconds after cranking the truck, the lights would shut off and not come back on. If I turned the truck off and left the headlight switch on, the lights would come back on within about 30 seconds. I have emailed VLEDS and am waiting on a response but wanted to see if any of you guys had any insight on this issue.
  6. Hey guys have been reading on this forum for a while now and just decided to join so I can ask some questions. I recently sold my 2008 Sierra SLT to get a 2015 SLT. Since getting the truck about a month ago, I have already completed some simple mods and have Fox 2.0 shocks on order to get the truck leveled. Looking forward to learning more and getting some of my questions answered.
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