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  1. Little dirty, but here ya go... details in signature. Need to get spacer for rear, as Im OCD. Just need to figure out what size...
  2. the offset is what's the issue (as far as cutting - because those wheels look awesome). My '14, I had a 6 inch RC with 22's -44 running 35's. Had to cut a pretty good chunk where the mud flap would go, angle out the front valance, and zip tie the wheel well liners
  3. I've had it back since Friday and haven't cut a single piece, nor tied any liners yet. No rubbing at all. Haven't tried full lock in reverse, but have been off road (went camping - so call it what you will, lol) and no problems. I was fairly confident (with the countless research hours) this set up would work. So far so good.
  4. Here is the front... had the bumpers, grille, and GMC logo done. On the grille, only the surround was supposed to be done, but they accidentally did the entire thing. I actually like it better.
  5. the factory 22's (not sure which model - 6 spoke)
  6. This is awesome information. Im totally OCD. Having my Zone 4.5" lift put on this week (well already done, but still at the shop). Tires go on tomorrow. Toyo MT 35x12.5r22 I feel like I did enough research to know they will fit, but I guess we will find out tomorrow. The shop even called me and said, "the instruction said max tire is 33 inch." lol
  7. that's probably smart. They do make a film that 80% (I wouldn't even consider it tint - and no one would notice) that helps with heat and UV. Might be worth looking into since Dallas gets pretty warm.
  8. Nope, its not legal. Another reason I go with 55% is its almost 'get-away-able'. If law enforcement in your area isn't too picky about it, I would go for it, obviously at your own risk. I definitely wouldn't suggest anything less than 35%... 5% all around and 35% windshield tint would be SUPER dark.
  9. Lol, that would be hilarious... (but I think you meant 0%? -- 200% is no tint at all). My sister did an 80% windshield tint and its almost a clear film. Whole thing. 55% from top to bottom. Have done it on all my vehicles and love it. Its not too dark where it makes it hard to see at night but just enough to keep the heat down and sun from burning your eyeballs out during the day.
  10. 2017 SLT Premium Plus Package (new to me) w/ Coco Dune interior Items completed: - 18% front window tint - 55% windshield tint - Black vinyl wrap on b-pillar - Dark smoke tail lights - Light smoke headlights, fog lights, and third brake - Havoc side steps Items being completed next week: - Zone 4.5" lift - Fox 2.0 rear shocks - 35x12.5r22 Toyo MT's - Color match front and rear bumpers - Color match grille surround - Color match 'GMC' logo (red part) - Update my GM-Trucks signature line Items being pondered: - CAI - MBRP exhaust - Tune - Fox 2.0 coilovers
  11. The only pictures i have are the ones posted in the thread. and those have been lost on my phone... oops What size lift and tires are you running for it to be cutting into the floorboard?
  12. Yep! used them for my current wheel set up and will use them for all future purchases. Best prices and they have great customer service. I was leery at first too... talked to some other folks and they all had great experiences. I wouldn't hesitate on using them...
  13. True, but I was going to do a real dark grey. Almost black if you will. Maybe even do black. But keep it matte.
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