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  1. They are smoked. And they are LED tail lights which shine brighter through the smoked lenses than a regular halogen bulb. The bike seat is not blocking the third brake light... lol So now its my fault that I didn't hit my brakes to slow down and that's why she ran into me? Was trying to be nice here, but your comments are slowly becoming ridiculous. Lol! I would be more impressed than mad. Were you the one who originally asked about the frame? Glad you asked. The adjuster said to replace it... so new frame on order. Well, on order once the GM union workers are off strike... No pictures from underneath, but I may could get some.
  2. how many accidents have you been involved in?
  3. Geez guys, im not driving 80mph in bumper to bumper traffic all day. If im going 80mph in the fast lane, and approaching a car that is slower, I will leave 2-3 car lengths with caution. once they move over I continue my pace. I don't get behind them and crowd their space. I took drivers ed, passed both written and driving test with perfect scores (its drivers ed - its easy). Spent some time on a road course, so Im very familiar with how to drive. whats comfortable to me, may not be for someone else. Again, never been in an at-fault accident, in fact, this has been my only accident, and I had been eyeing her driving for at least 45 min prior. I hate vehicles around me, and the reason I try to move faster. One could argue that's not proper, but it seems people who are slower cause more issues. IDK I think we turned the tables on me somehow...
  4. I'm always at 2-3 car lengths (I'm also calculating 20ft per car - and leaning more to the three side) behind the person in front of me. 60ft is plenty and I have never rear ended anyone. Never had a problem stopping, but maybe my reaction time is quicker than yours. There is no way on God's green earth you would be able to keep 10-12 car lengths between you and the driver in front of you - that sir is NOT reality. You are basically stating you would keep three 18-wheelers space at all times? Please. I'm not riding anyone's ass at 2-3 car lengths, if you or anyone else thinks so, then move, create your football field space, betcha someone gets in between.
  5. 2-3 car lengths is amble space to slow down at 80 mph, unless you're not paying attention. Im always paying attention to my surroundings (from riding motorcycles), but only so much I can do. I don't want to bankrupt her, it was a comment from another poster. I agree. I did make sure everyone was okay, but adrenaline was high and I was already grumpy from an eight hour drive. Like I said, accidents happen, and maybe I should have been more calm about it (not like I was screaming and yelling at her). Hindsight is 20/20.
  6. Dang, this got heated quick... lol Believe me, I was fuming, and may have been more rude to her than I should have. And my reasons were geared more toward 'now my truck is damaged and not the same' as opposed to 'we could have died, or someone else could have been seriously injured.' Was I wrong, maybe/maybe not, but I bet my life savings she will pay more attention and not be on her phone while driving anymore. I thought about every avenue to sue her and her parents, but after a couple days I cooled down. Trust me, I want her to pay, but bankrupting someone/family on an accident seems aggressive. Shit happens. Ill be milking it for as much as I legally can. Even thought about how I could have a 2020 fully paid for... She was at least 2 or 3 car length behind me, so she wasn't tail gating - and that's why I figure she was on her phone. She told the cops she hydroplaned (false). I would like to figure out how to get phone records. I've already argued and argued, right now ball is in my court until they tell me DM is less than I want. I have about three dealerships already quoting me a before and after price. We'll see what happens. Once I sell, ill really have to price it well so that someone would consider it (probably still get lowballed) I hope everything else other than the bumper is okay. Ive open and closed all the doors and all good. the bed didn't look like it moved either. But Im guessing you were referring to her car since you quoted the jeep pic. I would be curious to see/hear the total damage on the Jeep tho.
  7. yeah... yeah it did. lol fortunately she had good insurance (so far). I thought about aftermarket bumpers, but then I would have to pay for a front one too (I like em to match).
  8. id rather have an all new frame over a repaired one... not me paying for it. lol
  9. Just a couple months after I had my bumper color matched, this happens. 20yo girl (probably on her phone) decided not to slow down with traffic on the interstate. We were cruising about 80 and I had slowed to about 50, she did not - lol. Body shop that did my custom work is doing the repairs and have me at $8k without frame inspection (hitch receiver is completely bend up under the truck). Needless to say, I wanted to strangle something. While the truck is in the shop I'm going to have them add some Rigid flush mount lights to the new bumper and an exhaust. The fun part will be diminished value and arguing with her insurance on how much money I've actually lost. Kudos to Jeep - that wrangler sure did hold up.
  10. Little dirty, but here ya go... details in signature. Need to get spacer for rear, as Im OCD. Just need to figure out what size...
  11. the offset is what's the issue (as far as cutting - because those wheels look awesome). My '14, I had a 6 inch RC with 22's -44 running 35's. Had to cut a pretty good chunk where the mud flap would go, angle out the front valance, and zip tie the wheel well liners
  12. I've had it back since Friday and haven't cut a single piece, nor tied any liners yet. No rubbing at all. Haven't tried full lock in reverse, but have been off road (went camping - so call it what you will, lol) and no problems. I was fairly confident (with the countless research hours) this set up would work. So far so good.
  13. Here is the front... had the bumpers, grille, and GMC logo done. On the grille, only the surround was supposed to be done, but they accidentally did the entire thing. I actually like it better.
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