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  1. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I wished that was my truck, but that comment was made towards jballs15157. His setup is perfect for the 6" lift. I just have a Zone 2" level kit on mine right now. I'm lurking around trying to decide what to do. I'm stuck somewhere with the 6" and the Zone 4.5". I'm sure yours will turn out great. All of these are basically what that individual sees and likes, but mine eye caught his. I really like the stance and the fact he kept his factory wheels. I am new to GM having come from a Ford and new to 4x4.
  2. I'm still trying to upgrade my "house" to one next door to this one. pgamboa your truck is in the way and I can't tell if there is a for sale sign in the yard. Help a brother out
  3. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Thanks. I've added this to my notes. If I ever decide to pull this chain this is what I'm going with. Mine is silver so it won't be exactly the same. I'm not worried about the little bit of rub, mine is a street queen anyway. I LOVE the way yours looks and sits.
  4. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Simply put: Beautiful!! Spacers used?
  5. I would like to know when the house next door to YOU goes up for sale.
  6. I went with these and really like them: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/led-modules Straight black with blue LED, I used green plastic straws to defuse the blue and make it a little closer to the aqua (teal) color of my lights in the 2017 GMC.
  7. AVS Aeroskin

    No sir, it's not raised underneath the sticker. The sticker sticks on top of the same logo that is etched into the plastic. I guess the company decided that if the customer removed their crappy sticker then they will still have the brand on the product. You can see it and feel it but from a distance is not noticeable at all. To answer your other question about painting it I would think so after seeing the options on Carid website. They have all of our colors for $146.29. That's cheaper than what I paid to have mine wrapped. I bought some paint from Automotive Touchup.com to paint my emblems and I was very happy with the match. I thought about painting mine if the vinyl got damaged but I guess you would just need to be careful with the flex carrying it from point of paint to install.
  8. AVS Aeroskin

    Perfect, now I could've just bought the one already done and saved the aggravation of having mine wrapped. Damn this forum constantly costing me money. I've got to buy one to have as a backup. I've been worried about a rock or something hitting mine and cutting the vinyl.
  9. AVS Aeroskin

    That sticker (logo) just peels right off. I don't even think it it true 3m adhesive because of how easy it comes off. I have had bandaids take more effort to get off.
  10. AVS Aeroskin

    Perfect then, the logo peels off easier than most tapes.
  11. AVS Aeroskin

    They are perfect on black vehicles, but my OCD will not allow me to buy black anymore. My wife has a Magnetic Grey Ford Edge and it looks pretty good on hers as well. Magnetic Grey will be about as close to black as I will go.
  12. AVS Aeroskin

    It will come off cleanly, it is easier than the factory badges and the dealership stickers. There is their logo etched into the bug shield though. It is under the raised badge. You can see it through the vinyl but barely. I will post a picture of that later when I get home.
  13. AVS Aeroskin

    I had a shop do it for me but it is something that someone with a lot of patience could do. I'm not that person. The shop did it actually three times. The first time the logo was on and it didn't look right, the second time the shop got trash in it and replaced it before I even picked it up and the third is NOT totally perfect but is extremely close. There are some corners that I fidget with every once in a while trying to get it to lay down smoother. It's very hard to see though.
  14. AVS Aeroskin

    It had the AVS oval logo on it and the shop I had wrap it wrapped it with the logo on it. It looked like my truck had a pimple that needed to be popped. The shop does business with the company I work for so it was a little awkward at first but I worked out a deal with them to redo it. It looks amazing and it is a perfect match. I wouldn't hardly notice it at all if it didn't look so good. I have always had a bug shield on my trucks since 1989 when I got hit by a rock truck in front of me. There was a sign though, "not responsible for objects falling from truck". This rock hit the pavement and bounced perfectly at the hood.
  15. AVS Aeroskin

    Here is my AVS that has been vinyl wrapped with Oracal Premium Cast 970RA, color code 090 Silver Grey Metallic. The match is perfect.

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