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  1. Fog lights

    what and where is this tread you found ?
  2. I am looking to install fog lights and I am wondering in anyone has done this ? also I would like to purchase a OEM switch for the fog lights, has anyone done this and how do I wire in the factory switch
  3. door lock

    Sad.url Sad I too love to take it apart over and over , that's what it was the cable came loose . Thanks for all the input
  4. door lock

    I am hoping someone may have an idea as to what is wrong, I installed tow mirrors this weekend which was not as bad as I thought it would be, after everything was done I checked to make sure everything worked ,which it did but for one thing if I hit my lock/unlock switch the doors all lock and unlock but the front passenger side door, the lock button goes up but you can not open the door from the inside . Any help would be great thanks
  5. Backup camera splitter

    Hey that's a great Idea, do you have more information on how you made the splitter ? I would love to add a second camera to my trailer . I already added the camera system on my truck left right and front and I love it ,wroth the money and the time to install it.
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum, I have a 2015 gmc sirrea 2500hd crew cab SLT and i was wondering where did you buy your towing mirrors from ? I have been reading and researching and I don't no which way to go, any help would be great Thanks Papa1958

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