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  1. Rear Window (upgrade of sorts)

    are you sure you want a motorized version? doesn't gm make a regular sliding rear window? I myself would rather have a simple version. ( less stuff to act up and break}
  2. anybody having trouble with the truck locking with the keys in. the other day while working on the truck, it locked all the doors with the keys in the ignition. and I didn't bump anything on the way out. now I have to have a hideaway key just in case. I had a 2004 hd that did it multiple times. we finaly reprogrammed the computer to never autalock the doors and that fixed it. multiple trips to the dealer and I was the only person in the world to have that problem. ( imagine that) I hope I don't have that problem with my new truck. they need more electronics in the trucks. more stuff to drive you crazy. I saw a little film where there was a little girl in an older truck and she says to grampa how do you open the window in here? and he says theres a crank on the side. much simpler days. ( no electronics)
  3. like I said earlier the red light only flashes on startup and after that there is no light ever even in neutral. what should I look for?
  4. the little itty bitty red indicator light only flashes on startup. after that it doesn't ever come on, no matter how many times you change from 2 wheel to 4high or 4 low. how do you know if 4 wd is working. got 8000 miles on it and its over a year old. what do I look for? fuses? thanks guys
  5. Lowering 2500hd?

    I would like to lower mine also. what is the best way? other manufacturers have kits, but gm doesn't.
  6. ive had a few new gm trucks. best one was a 94 2500 light duty (heavy half ton). didn't need a step ladder to get in. no running boards or steps needed. on a trip driving 75 0r more got between 16 and 21 for mileage. speedo only went to 85 so lots of times you never knew how fast your going. very few problems. original clutch lasted to 175000 ,with a snowplow and pulling an 18 ft tool trailer and a 14 ft dump trailer. I had a 04 duramax and it had a lot of little problems. fuel lines and fuel cooler rusted right out. had to change all of them and the brake lines also. kept locking with the keys in the ignition. had to reprogram. I had a 92 that kept having manual transmission problems. now I have a 17 hd 6.0 gas. its so high need a stepladder to reach anything in the engine compartment. even to check oil.to put anything in the box you have to lift it almost over you head. tailgate height is 6 inches higher than my 04 duramax which was 6 inches higher than my 94. where is gm going? to the moon? if you buying a truck to haul stuff, you had better eat your Wheaties in order to be able to lift that high. they call this progress! they must be making trucks to just look at. as far as using a new hd for work they are useless.have to climb a mountain to get in, carry a stepladder to access the box. crank the trailer four feet up to hook it up. every time you get a new truck you have to get a new(very expensive) topper. old one wont fit new truck.
  7. my 17 came from the factory and the dealership with no grease in it. I got it home and crawled under. it must be an option to get a serviced new vehicle. who is responsible for service?
  8. I looked at hundreds of trucks at different dealers and every single one was black interior. never did I see anything else. not even one
  9. it looks to me like all the interiors are black. are all you gm owners happy with that? I hate black interiors. I must be the only one out there. what do the rest of you think?
  10. if you were looking at dealer inventory you wont find an interior that's not black. I had gray interior in my last truck(which I ordered}. I tried to find one with a lighter color but could not. gm I stuck building black interiors. if you order you can get it but you loose a lot of incentives so it costs you more in the end. don't know why they don't have any other colors in stock. I think there is a lot better color than black. it shows every bit of dust and dirt stand out
  11. Shift flare

    my 17 hd does it when in the mountains. I wish I could tune it but only have 800 miles on it. I hate the way it shifts.had a stick before and wish manual mode was a true manual mode. not just something they dreamed up. I hate when it pulls hard and downshifts then upshifts right away like it cant make up its mind or searches for the right gear. when I had a stick didn't have any trouble in the mountain passes as I controlled it .I didnt have to worry about gms trans tuning. bring back the stick. last truck with a stick I had 175000 miles on the clutch. pressure plate let go. clutch was still good. had a snowplow and an 18 ft tool trailer and a dump trailer. lets see an auto trans do that. and I changed the clutch myself. lets see you do that with an auto trans
  12. I had a 2004 duramax that kept locking the keys in the ignition. according to the dealer I was the only one in the whole world that had this problem. never got it fixed after multiple times to the dealer and finially one tow, because I don't think they believed me. reprogrammed the computer to never lock the doors and it never did it again. but I had a hideaway key just in case. now how could it lock the doors with the key in the ignition and not running?
  13. what did the dealer do? did they fix it? or do you have to live with it?
  14. I have a 17 hd gas and mine wont hold a steady temp. it blow cold air below 69. to get it to blow warm air you have to turn it past 74. is there any service bulletin on this. ive got a Colorado with everything manual and its easier to control the heat than this new and improved model
  15. ive got a 2017 hd gas and I hate the way the transmission shifts. with no load , it downshifts on every little hill. with the cruise on sometimes two gears. that's empty. I thought driving is supposed to be enjoyable. then why do you have to listen to it shifting all of the time, especially when it goes two gears. when its loaded and you make it pull hard, it searches for the right gear. it starts jumping around and cant make up its mind on what gear it should be in. drives me crazy listening to it. tow mode helps but sometimes it still searches for the right gear . and manual mode isn't manual at all. it only selects the top gear, still downshifts and still searches. not pleasant to drive in the mountains. then gm wonders why they get low ratings. I heard on ford trucks that there is a true manual mode. whats wrong with gm?

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