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  1. Yes, mine has the HUD LED's. The new for 2017 options/additions were Forward Brake Assist and Lane Keep Assist. The Forward Brake Assist was added to the Forward Collision Alert option, so that the 2017's not only alert to a possible crash, but the 2017's will also autonomously apply the brakes. Mine also has the Lane Departure Warning. Added to the Lane Departure Warning in 2017, the Lane Keep Assist will actively steer you back into your lane if you have not activated your turn signal prior to a lane change. Those 2 options/additions to existing options were the only real changes from 2016 to 2017.
  2. My 2015 Denali has this, and I'm pretty sure the 14's had it as well (It's part of the FCA package). I was kinda miffed that my 2015 didn't have the blind spot monitors in the side mirrors. My wife's 2014 Traverse LTZ has it..... I kinda wish my truck (or future trucks for that matter) had some ambient interior lighting, like my Camaro, the wife's Traverse, the Buick Enclave, etc. etc.
  3. GM used a lot of hard plastics in the 1st gen Avy's. Does yours have the ISS rattle (Intermediate Steering Shaft)? It's not dangerous or anything, but it can be unnerving if you don't know what it is. Scared the poo out of my dad first time I let him drive the '04. He still ended up buying an "06 soon after. Great vehicles.
  4. Been lurking on the forums for a few weeks, but seeing this thread pushed me to join. Love the Avy. I really miss my last 2 - I had an '04 Z71 that was Silver Burch, and a '13 that was Black. I always believed that they weren't trucks, or SUV's - they are "TUV's" (The Ultimate Vehicle). Very nice.
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