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  1. Lowering

    6 inch flip kit 2 inch shackles and a 1 inch block so yes 9 inch. Its on 22s so its not going to be as low as 17s... Sent from my LG-M153 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys i recently dropped my truck 5 inches front and 9 in the rear and im just not happy with the front... Whats the cheapest way to gain another inch? Do they make 1 inch drop control arms? Or should i just fork out the money and buy 3 inch spindles? Sent from my LG-M153 using Tapatalk
  3. Alrighty i broke one of my clear corner lights 88-93 gmc if any of you have a set or even just a passenger one I WILL BUY IT/THEM if you have a link to them please let me know thanks in advance Sent from my LG-M153 using Tapatalk

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