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  1. The e-brakes need to be adjusted on both sides. My ebrake pedal used to fail to come all the way up and after i adjusted it the pedal always returns to the top
  2. Jack up each wheel and rotate the tire while its jacked up. You’ll probably find a bad front hub. Could be a rear axle bearing but I’m guessing its a bad front .
  3. I thought i had bearings going bad in the rear at 190k but found it was drive shaft u-joints instead
  4. The flasher I bought was not much more expensive than the stock GM flasher. I got mine for $29
  5. I have wanted to upgrade all the outside lamps on my 2006 to LED's for a while but I refused to use ballast resistors to control the hyper flash. I finally found a company that makes an LED compatible flasher called Novita. It works great and I now have all my exterior lamps except the headlights switched over to LED's with no hyper flash and no more burned up lamp sockets! I even switched out the fog lamp bulbs to amber LED's. So happy with the brightness and color. My advice on selecting good LED's is to find a lamp that has diodes completely surrounding the outside as well as atleast three diodes on the end covered by a fresnel lense. They are about twice as bright as standard incandescent bulbs and hopefully will get the attention of the tailgater behind me before they impact! Make sure when you change to the LED's that you buy the color of the lens the lamp is going into or it won't look right
  6. I'd like a mount that will handle a 12k winch. Being able to pull me out of a deep snow bank up a hill while loaded at 10k lbs
  7. Has anyone got pictures or sources for either a hidden winch mount or front receiver for a 2006 2500hd that will handle serious weight?
  8. Do the lights dim when you come to a stop and let the rpms drop to idle speed? When mine does that it is normally time to change the battery. Is yours more than two years old?
  9. Mine has a granny. I rarely use it. Starts off in second just fine
  10. Dorman makes decent replacement cables. I have replaced all of mine at the same time. Not too time consuming or difficult. If you have the shoe in hat style rear parking brake it doesn't work very well. It will never hold like an old ebrake handle. Its just for parking.
  11. Truck: 2006 2500hd 6.0 2wd 5spd I have had the p300 code for a number of years. No actual misfire just the flashing mil and sometimes it would set the light and eventually go off on its own. Injectors, plugs, wires, vacuum checks, driving around town with a mechanic and snap on diagnostic scanner - yup light flashing and no misfire on his computer... Problem can be duplicated in the driveway- set the brake, start the engine, clutch in, run the rpm up to 2600 and hold steady for a minute or so and viola! Flashing mil light. Finally put in a new motor as mine was shot. New sensors, crank relearn, waterpump, fuel pump, new injectors and harness.... and the flashing mil is back. Did a whole lot of thinking on this one and thought about harmonics from the belt setting the crank sensor off. My stock belt was so tight it barely went on.. Had a friend hold the rpm at 2600 while I watched the belt. You could hear a vibrational hum but only at that rpm. Changed the belt to one just a smidge longer and the flashing light is gone. I can't duplicate it as I used to. No more hum. Just thought I might share an odd soloution to a common issue
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