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  1. I have a like new BULLY DOG TRIPLE DOG GT PROGRAMMER PLATINUM TUNER # 40417 in like new condition and working 100%. $225 shipped.
  2. I have a Range Technology Active Fuel Management AFM Disabler thats only 6 months old that I no longer need as I went with a tuner. Works perfect and in new condition. $100 shipped.
  3. I got my 14 used from a dealer I guess I can always play stupid and say it must have been the last owner.
  4. Lets remember, putting spacers or large offset wheels are the same thing. Spacers get a bad name because so many install them wrong or get crazy with the offset. There are many on this forum (too many to count) who use spacers the correct way and never have issues, work truck or not.
  5. Not a very good comparison, apples and oranges.
  6. You never had issues with the dealer finding out that it was flashed with the DIablo?
  7. I have a 2014 5.3 Silverado LT, which programer will give me the best and most aggressive tune?
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