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  1. Awesome! The double handle pull works well and is easier than finding the lock button in a dark black interior. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I have a 2017 2500HD LTZ. I do not want the doors to auto unlock upon selecting Park because of the possible safety issue of someone being able to enter your vehicle. I prefer that the doors unlock upon ignition shutoff with allows the driver to park the vehicle and be able to look around to be sure it is safe to exit the vehicle. So far I have not been able to get anything near what I desire except to disable autolock and manually unlock the doors. As I remember by 2007 1500 had the feature I desire. Thanks
  3. Due to a dealer error on my order my Silverado 2500HD came with the standard folding split mirror. After educating the dealer parts manager that the power folding trailer mirrors do exist they were able to order them and get them installed. Having driving about 176K miles with my 07 Silverado 1500 I would in hindsight have just kept the standard folding mirrors. For the amount towing I do they would have been fine and my wife and I wouldn't have to contend with the negative side of the bigger mirrors
  4. For the rear view I get I love the big power folding trailering mirrors but Chevrolet screwed the pooch on the design. They block your vision. If you aren't extra diligent looking around the mirror they can easily hide a car as crossing traffic and pedestrians in a crosswalk will magically appear. I suggest Chevy just lower the height of the mount about 1 inch. They can reduce the height of the lower fisheye about 1/2 inch or so and probably take about 1/2 off the upper mirror as well. Drop the mirror housing top down 1-2 inches and it will be much less of a hazard.
  5. ImBroke, Go back and tell the dealer to get his out out of his ass. It's a simple software change to reduce the brightness of the back up monitor. I'm pretty sure someone has linked to the file #.
  6. On mine it was the buckle taping against the plastic trim piece. If I'm solo I just faster the passenger side belt to keep it from rattling. Took me a year to figure out where the rattle was coming from!
  7. Snowshovel how's the camera system working out? Any issues with dropping the signal from the wireless camera? I'm assuming you have the Intellihaul Echomaster system?
  8. Quite often my wife is unable to fasten her seatbelt because the shoulder harness won't release from the inertia reel. Any ideas on what the issue is? How to fix it? New truck or new wife?
  9. If I was going to park it I wouldn't have bought it.
  10. I've got the power folding tow mirrors however on my 2017 LTZ 2500 the option is not in the menu for remote mirror fold or mirror tilt in reverse.
  11. I had the rear U-joint come apart n a '99 with 506 miles on it. Lot's of damage. The driveshaft was bent, side torn out of transfer case, spring shackle busted, shaft hole in rear diff elongated were some the highpoints. Dealer mechanic said the u-joint was not properly assembled.
  12. Here in Alaska on the application there is a space to "define" the plate...probably saves some confusion.
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