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  1. To make it short, the fuel pump went out in my 96 k1500 with the 350 vortex last summer. Had it changed. It started right up without a fight. The problem I’m having is that ever since I had it changed, the truck bogs down like it is running out of gas when I’m at a little more than a quarter of a tank. I also noticed that my mpg has been way down and that instead of getting 300-350 miles on a tank of gas, I’m only getting to about 200. Any advice?
  2. There Is a plug directly above the oil filter that is missing on my truck, do you know what plug that is?
  3. It's clean as a whistle. I have considered changing the fuel pressure regulator, but I don't know much about them.
  4. I haven't yet because of time and effort. I work 50 hour weeks and just haven't had time. I have thought of the injectors but another reason I haven't checked them is because I wouldn't expect driving over a railroad track would cause them to fail. it very well could be them but I haven't had time to check them or get them checked.
  5. When I first bought the truck back in November, I could smell gas back towards the gas tank but now I cant smell anything. I've been crawling under the truck for the past 4 days now and haven't smelled any gas. I checked the fuel pressure from the fuel pump to the fuel filter. the pressure was good but I haven't checked anything past that. The truck drives fine now that I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter but as soon as a try to really accelerate, it loses power and falls on its face. I put on a new mass air flow sensor which actually made it drive worse. What I think this means is that my old mass air flow sensor does need replaced but the lack of fuel is still to great to allow the new mass air flow sensor to improve the truck.
  6. So I drove my 96 Chevy k1500 with the 350 vortec over a train track like any normal day and all of a sudden my truck is shaking real bad. I managed to get it to a friends garage nearby but I couldn't accelerate. It would only coast. It was running really lean and would fall flat on its face when i gave it gas. It had low fuel pressure so changed the fuel pump and fuel filter. It drives a lot better now but it still starts to fall flat when I try to accelerate too much. I still can't figure out why it won't accelerate. So far I've replaced my... Fuel pump Fuel filter Idle air control valve Elbow tube on the pvc Breather tube grommet Spark plugs and wires I put a new mass air flow sensor on it and that only made it drive worse. What else could it be?
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