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  1. This is a complete shot in the dark, swag, out of left field, whatever guess... The last generation had a number of quirky electrical and computer problems that were traced back to a bad ground (matting or insulation under the dash preventing clean contact?) Could this be happening here again? M.
  2. I just changed the factory delco battery in my 2015 Sierra 1500 CCSB 5.3 SLT. I found the door ajar overnight, surprised it killed it. Tried to charge it back up but it wouldn’t take a charge. Swapping a new delco in is tricky but not too difficult. There are one or two good videos on the process. M.
  3. I picked her out

    If I’m not mistaken, you can buy an extended warranty from practically any dealer, even out of state. Do some searching and shop around. Good luck! M. Ps, let us know what you find! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. This topic came up on another forum I participate in... So, has anyone mounted a fire extinguisher for easy access in their cab? If so, where and how (especially if you have pics to share)? Thanks, M.
  5. Window Auto Up Feature

    Well, poop. Unfortunately, yes, I’m mistaken. I just went out and tried it for myself... and was immediately disappointed to discover auto up does not work from the keyfob as I had originally posted. Im sorry for the error and confusion it might have caused. However... my intuition tells me there’s a certain economy of scale involved in sharing computer development between platforms. I bet there are flags in the bcm (might as well be voodoo tho) that governs how the windows behave, be it Yukon, Tahoe, Sierra, or Silverado. M
  6. Window Auto Up Feature

    Just speculation, but I wonder if the motors and BCM are already capable. My 2015 SLT can express-up all of the windows from the keyfob (press and hold the lock button). I can’t for the life of me figure out why at least the passenger side window doesn’t have a double-pull to to express up function. Omitting it seems like a typical over-zealous bean counter kind of thing to do. Just my $.02 M
  7. The brake replacements are an interesting twist on the story. Did you consider any other brands for brake parts, and can you provide the part numbers for your application please? Thanks!
  8. Leather help

    Also, look into getting a drivers side entry assist handle. It’s a gm accessory, found in any online parts outlet, your favorite auction site, or the dealer parts store. It will help keep the seat bolsters from taking a beating. Takes about 15 minutes to install. And I think (but double check first) the part is the same between GMC and Chevy, pickup and SUV. M.
  9. Leather help

    For tips on leather care, hit up the autogeek and autopia forums. There’s tons of info there to research. But from what I’ve read, most (if not all) leather interior products are a tanned and dyed hide that has been further treated with a synthetic top coating. Old school leather conditioners and treatments end up just sitting on the factory coating layer rather than penetrating. The new approach is to thoroughly clean the seat with a diluted all-purpose-cleaner (APC) or steam, then top the leather with an additional coating or protectant chemically designed to bond to modern automotive leather. What to do about already damaged leather? That can be tricky. OP, your seats look about like mine (roughly the same age and wear). They’ll benefit from a good cleaning to remove the surface grime and oils (and even the hendrick stuff that’s just sitting there). That’ll get you back to a somewhat factory look, except where the leather has been burnished smooth and shines a bit. Pick one of the newer leather coatings to apply and follow the instructions to the letter. You will at least have restored the seats to a baseline that you can maintain from there. Really rough seats, on the other hand, might need a look from the dealer service department if you’re still in warranty. They shouldn’t wear that fast. As a last resort, there are some excellent aftermarket leather seat replacements. Katzkin, for example, seems to be very popular. I’ve seen them first hand, and I might agree that they’re nicer than factory. Good luck! M.
  10. Title says it. I read somewhere that they do, but my 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT CCSB has line-x from a local shop. Also, the bed bulkhead is plain rather than the type with the logo. Just curious.... /m
  11. My ‘15 Sierra 5.3 CCSB (I’m the 3rd owner) pings and feels tired on 87 regular, but I definitely believe it improves with mid-grade. I don’t feel much of a difference with premium tho. I’ve wondered the same thing about a tune, but would be surprised if there was one installed. The previous owner didn’t seem the type nor did he mention anything to me. It’s a mystery. So maybe the next question should be: is there an easy way to check the bcm for a tune -without - going to the dealer? M.
  12. Check the Autogeek forums for details, but what you are looking for is Carpro ironx spray and a mild grade clay bar. If you have the time and are willing, a full pro grade detail can make this paint really, really pop (I have it on my 2015 z71 ccsb slt). If not, seek a pro and pay a little for their time, materials and expertise. But for Pete’s sake, don’t let the dealership touch it. You will end up with swirls and holograms that will require a pros touch to correct. Good luck! M. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. A definite “maybe”. But a reputable detailer might be able to treat the stain and reduce its appearance considerably. There may even be some diy tips over at the autogeek and autopia forums. I’m thinking dilute all-purpose cleaner, gentle use of steam (or perhaps not), and lots of blotting with towels. Best of luck, let us know how it comes out! (pun sort of intended M.
  14. Past service work

    I’ve always been able to walk up to a dealers service advisor with keys in hand or the vehicle nearby, and ask for the service history. A quick check of the VIN and a few mouse clicks later and I have a copy hot off their printer. But I’m not surprised they wouldn’t play ball over the phone. M.
  15. A few thoughts... Before doing anything drastic, always try a small test spot. It’s really easy to skip, but it could save you a lot of work and worry later. So, there are a number of excellent citrus based degreasers/cleaners that can attack stubborn stains and contamination. Often they can be used straight for difficult jobs but you should follow their particular dilution ratios to get the result you want. One great product to remove tar/grease/ set-in stains is CarPro TRIX (not affiliated - I think it’s a great product). Apply according to the instructions. You will likely need to follow that with a clay bar surface decontamination. Again, follow the instructions from the product. Once that’s done protect the paint with the wax or sealant of your choice. Have a look at the detailing forums at autogeek.net Good luck! M.

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