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  1. I realized that 99% of my driving was truly Highway, and I wanted the extended tread life. I think both tires are probably excellent, but maybe the Michelin’s have a tiny edge for my type of driving. The weather here in Atlanta is (almost always) a non-factor. If I had any occasion to go off road (unimproved job site, camping, whatever) I might have gone with the continentals. M.
  2. I was torn between the continental a/t and Michelin defender m/s, and went with the Michelins. They are very quiet and smooth, and my mpg might have seen a small improvement. My only complaint is they pick up and hold #89 (and sometimes #57) gravel. My driveway is gravel, so Im always hearing rocks smack the fender wells as I leave. M.
  3. This is what pushed me into a crew-cab (2015). Child safety seats are huge! We have Britax as well, and are gradually moving up into the convertible booster style. Their footprints aren’t quite as enormous, but still... I am curious tho, I’ve seen vague reports that rear legroom in the new double cab is better... big enough for booster seats? Or are we parents with multiples still stuck with the crew cab? Edit: Now I see your Frontier booster in the passenger position. How’s the overall fit there? Edit #2: Also, I had to remove the back seat headrests to allow the Frontiers to set correctly on the seat. M.
  4. Now that it’s been a while, what are your thoughts on the tires? M. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I’m spitballing here, so take this with a 50lb bag of salt... K2xx trucks had similarly odd electrical/computer problems that were often traced back to a bad wiring harness ground connection (the ground wire was insulated from contact by some sound deadening material if I’m remembering correctly). Might be something to consider... M
  6. While I’m not in a 2019 (yet), here’s what I’ve used for my 2015. Works great. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HZRTDE?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf M.
  7. There’s now a leather like (leatherish?) version available, on Amazon B078142N6X. I still have the cloth version, and for my personal tastes I think it is perfect for the truck. Maybe the nicer one would be more at home in a Yukon.. [emoji2] M.
  8. So if you really want to go down that rabbit hole, go visit the autopia and autogeek detailing forums. But here’s a brief primer: There are several quite excellent DIY / prosumer grade ceramic coating products, and then there are a few full-on professionally installed coatings available. The common denominator is preparation. The paint must be fully cleaned and minor blemishes (hazing, fine scratches, etc) polished out before applying a coating. The difference is the to what extreme to take the prep process. A coating will lay down over just about anything, but if the surface isn’t clean and smooth it will only highlight the imperfections, not hide them. I’ve used coatings from CarPro (not affiliated, just picked one at the time) with great results on several of my vehicles, but I’ve also spent the time to wash, clay, decontaminate, wash again, machine polish, machine fine polish, then apply the coating in two layers. It’s an intense two days of work (I not a pro, I need frequent breaks). I have not done it to my truck yet... I’m kinda dreading all that real estate. I have used a spray-on / wipe off product called CarPro ReLoad on it and gotten about 6 months of protection from it. There are others that are just as good, maybe better. Anyway, there’s gobs of great information and technical discussion at the detailing forums. But bring a snack, you’ll likely be there a while. Some of the before and after posts are really entertaining. Good luck! M. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Seems like maybe the same tool that programmed the K2 park assist graphic (where the truck suddenly becomes a generic sedan...WTH GM?) was later tasked with programming the 3d view.... Anyway, OP, thanks for the honest review! M.
  10. I had to use the mirror folding feature to park in my old garage, and I cant count how many times I got half way to work with them still folded in the mornings. No a problem since moving. And since we are talking about mirrors... I sure wish the automatic curb-view mirror dipping when in reverse function (does it have an official name?) would stay on for more than 15 seconds. M.
  11. Well, you did post in the truck forum... [emoji2] Regardless, here’s my take, for what it’s worth. I’ve driven mid-sized SUVs for ages until coming over to a full sized pickup. Chevy trailblazer, BMW X5 diesel, Audi Q5. Family of four with two small boys in (huge) car seats, btw. I bought a crew cab pickup when I finally realized I just couldn’t cram what I wanted into the back of the SUV any more. Either it was too big, too dirty, or just too awkward to lift. And then we got a boat. SUVs have their virtues, like fully enclosed cargo, more compliant ride, usually more upscale interiors and goodies. They’re really nice. But a full size crew cab pickup gets you (usually) better towing, more versatile cargo options and these days just as good a ride as anything. Toss on a good bed cover and you have reasonable (but not perfect ) weather protection for the bed. The crew cab accommodates the boys safety seats with room to spare. The rear seat is very generous for adults as well. Crew cab short box is just a super versatile configuration. I love it. I’m anxious to see everyone else’s comments as well. Either way, best of luck! M.
  12. This is a complete shot in the dark, swag, out of left field, whatever guess... The last generation had a number of quirky electrical and computer problems that were traced back to a bad ground (matting or insulation under the dash preventing clean contact?) Could this be happening here again? M.
  13. I just changed the factory delco battery in my 2015 Sierra 1500 CCSB 5.3 SLT. I found the door ajar overnight, surprised it killed it. Tried to charge it back up but it wouldn’t take a charge. Swapping a new delco in is tricky but not too difficult. There are one or two good videos on the process. M.
  14. If I’m not mistaken, you can buy an extended warranty from practically any dealer, even out of state. Do some searching and shop around. Good luck! M. Ps, let us know what you find! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. This topic came up on another forum I participate in... So, has anyone mounted a fire extinguisher for easy access in their cab? If so, where and how (especially if you have pics to share)? Thanks, M.
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