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  1. wire harness came in mine in the glovebox wrapped in plastic '15 LTZ/Z1 plugs into box under dash near column....easy wire hook up to Tekonsha if truck was new.....Stealer Prolly took it to sell from parts counter
  2. its amazing what Windex does ....I use it on all my Harley Chrome .....amazing shine...!!
  3. could it be from the heat ....if that's intended as a fuel filter ... it may not like the heat of the coolant ...could it be paper or glue particles..??
  4. very nice ... I have a 2017 renegade adrenaline 900 ace although it was a slow year for me only did 50 miles..... I had full hip replacement in Feb. next year we are gunna hit it hard
  5. On my 2015 Z71....I did a RC 2 1/2 lift kit .... which is 2 1/2 lift in front ....spacer on top and spacer on bottom ... and in the back .. you take out the 1 inch block and add their 2 inch block and use the supplied longer u-bolts
  6. they prolly figured cargo light covered the front half .. and inside lights cover the gate
  7. on my 2015 you turn them on with the cargo light .. they stay on for about 20 minutes unless turned of manually ... they will stay on if truck is in park or reverse ..... but will not stay on if truck is in forward gear.... if you drive a short distance and then put it in park .. they will come back on ( as long as the time out period has not ended )
  8. Def too much tongue weight ... shoulda rolled the truck on the trailer back a couple inches to get more weight off tongue ...
  9. 2015 ltz... how do I tell if I have the G80 Locker ??
  10. what Osprey said ...after I myself tried cheating on a utility trailer and put automotive tires on it and had nothing but bad times ..... possibly if you are using the trailer for slow speed of road in sand or soft ground those wide truck tires may work out on the trailer .. but for normal use including hiway speeds .... not recommended ....although it does look a whole lot of COOL .....
  11. I always run Michelin LTX M+S 2's on my Silverado 1500 great ride .. great wear and great traction pulling Snomobile trailer on slippery roads ... or summer pulling camper

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