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  1. Hi recently purchased a new 2017 Z71 LT with a bose sound system not realizing that it didn't come with a subwoofer due to not having the built in center console. The stereo sounds ok, but I feel it's lacking without the proper sub, has anyone bought or modified something to get a subwoofer in that complements the bose speakers? If so, what brand/model number and where/how did you hook it up?
  2. you are exactly like me...I drive into work 2 or 3 days a week with it (work from home the other 2 or 3 days)...pickup home project stuff from home depot or lowes, mulch, yard waste, it's the best for my kids hockey gear as that usually smells but when it's in the tailgate you can't smell anything!.....i'll be amazed if I actually pull a trailer while I have it. I also have a 2017 5.3 LT, but was able to put a lot down on it as I used to have a Volkswagen diesel and they had to pay me a ton of money for it. Anyhow, we'll probably get burned on these forums but whatever! I love my truck, hope you are enjoying yours.
  3. Your favorite tires????

    I know nothing about trucks or tires but bought my first truck a few months ago...they came with GoodYear Wrangler DuraTrac Tires and they appear to work great up here in MN with the crappy ice and snow that happens frequently. Although I have nothing to compare them to. Report post Posted Wednesday at 02:40 PM
  4. I have a 2017 Silverado crew cab LT with cloth seats and once in awhile I bring my dog with me somewhere and even though she has short hair those little hairs weave their way into those cloth seats like bugs on a spider web, so does anyone have recommendations on great fitting seat covers I can easily wash when needed? It looks like all the ones on amazon got crappy reviews.
  5. Got my Duratracs today

    Nice! I got these tires on my new 2017 because I wanted the midnight edition rims and they had an extra set at the dealership they threw on for me. The rims came with these tires. I'm curious how they'll do in the winter as this is my first truck. Also getting bilstein 5100's this fall to replace the rancho's per all the comments on these forums.
  6. I have only about 500 miles on my new 2017 silverado LT Z71 and am trying to think if there are any must have accessories to prolong the life of the vehicle or just in general you get a lot of value in? Like spash guards, wheel house liners, etc. This is my first truck so I'm just not sure. I already got a tonneau cover and rubber floor mats (not husky ones but I think I will get some). Thanks!
  7. Ok great i'll give it a shot..thanks to Mookdoc and Southernsilveradoguy.....anything else I should do on my new truck? I heard somewhere (can't remember where) I should get my oil change after the first 1,000 miles rather than wait for the system to tell me
  8. I have no idea what this means or what bolts you are referring to but i'll check! are you saying tightening these helps with vibration issues?
  9. Figured I'd provide an update...Truck is the sh*t! and I mean that in a good way....took her out this morning to work at 6 a.m with no traffic on a brand new paved hwy in MN the thing drives likes it's on glass...I just wish all roads in MN were like that
  10. You guys/gals are the best, appreciate the kind words and i'll post a picture once I pick it up....so excited I can hardly sleep, i feel like a kid on christmas
  11. Bought my first new vehicle EVER! and i'm 36 years old...I typically bought used sedans because I am always thinking about gas mileage and efficiency...but my heart always wanted a truck...Well! because volkswagen cheated on their emissions they gave me 20K for my old 2011 Jetta and I figure with that fortune i'd do what i always wanted to do and buy a truck, first I looked at used ones endlessly for about 2 months and researched the hell out of them, but with so many trims and options I couldn't decide. Last Friday I walked into the chevy dealership knowing I needed something before my turn in date and walked out ordering a new 2017 silverado LT Z71 Black with black bow ties, bose sound system, midnight edition rims, and a few other black accessories walked out the door under 40K! but with my down payment my loan is only around 20K.....anyhow, I started reading these forums after I ordered it reading about this chevy shake crap and now my heart feels broken, i'm hoping my brand new truck doesn't have this issue...crossing my fingers! BTW, I pick it up tomorrow afternoon, bed liner and accessories got put on today and tomorrow.

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