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  1. I have noticed the same thing. A good bit of pinging on 87 and when I run 89 it clears it up and is much more responsive. I have tried 93 and didn't feel as much difference as 87 vs 89. I have about 67k on a 2014 5.3
  2. For those interested or who reply'd to this message WIX has now updated their filter to meet the revised spec's. They no longer spec a 57045xp but rather a 10255xp.
  3. Service Prices Question

    I got the same feedback from the dealer when I went in for a TSB repair. I am at 70k miles and just bought all of the stuff off of amazon to do the trans filter and fluid, front and rear diffs and transfer case. All parts/fluids were AC Delco and cheaper than i could get locally. It was $180 worth of materials and 3 hours of my time. I am going to hold off a bit on the brake flush and do that when I need to change brakes. They wanted $150 just for that service.
  4. Thanks for the info, that is interesting.
  5. Thanks for your insight. I suppose my original post was more or less quoting the bulletin below that oil pressures had been increased, therefore filter specs were also improved. Perhaps my wording of oil pump design wasn't appropriate. Regardless to update those that are interested, the folks at WIX did call me and said they are looking into the information and they will get me a formal response soon.
  6. Thats the confusing part. The factory installed filter is PF-63, The service filter that GM recommends is PF-63E. PF-63E has the different bypass pressure specs. So most of the parts providers recommend a filter that is comparable or equal to the PF-63. There are a couple out there that based on the model year and engine specify a filter with the revised bypass pressure spec. Here is a bulletin or document I found: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/knowledgebase/article/2012-2017-corvette-service-bulletin-17-na-157-information-on-spin-on-oil-filter-replacement-for-gas-engines-designed-with-new-oil-pump-control-systems-1363.html I have an email into wix to see what they have to say about the 57045 not meeting the pressure specs of the PF-63E.
  7. Hi All, After using up my dealer provided oil changes, I am ready to take on the tasks myself. I have read lots of info on people disliking the PF63E due to the construction of it, but it seems that besides having some material changed, it also has a pressure relief change to 22psi from 15psi. I have always liked WIX filters so I ordered a few 57045XP as those are listed as a cross reference for PF63E. In doing a little more research and making sure I had a good quality filter, i found a reference document that stated due to the oil pump design, a filter with less than 15psi bypass pressure shouldnt be used. So my dilemma is: Should i just use the PF63e? Will the Wix 57045xp be acceptable although they list the pressure as 12-15psi? A Wix 57502xp meets the pressure requirement of 22psi, but doesnt show as a cross reference for PF63E. It does cross reference a Hastings LF461 or Baldwin B7449 which show as being direct replacements for our trucks. Although the 57502xp meets the spec's it doesnt show as a PF63e replacement? Would you use anyway? Lots of conflicting info out there and I just want to make sure I have the proper filter on there. Thanks for your advice!
  8. Anyone seen an EKG test?

    Possibly, I mentioned nothing more than a locked up AC compressor so i was surprised to see that test on the invoice.
  9. Hi all, longtime lurker but new poster. I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ crew cab that just turned 43800 miles. In the last 5k miles I have had my truck into the dealer for drivers seat movement, noise in the steering and most recently a locked up a/c compressor. I ended up having the steering gear replaced, seat adjusted, and the ac/compressor replaced. Luckily all of this was covered through the CPO warranty. When i picked the truck up from the ac work, there was a note on the work order that said EKG test, examine combustion chamber for residue from unburned fuel and ethanol and check fuel tank for condensation. They gave the truck a score of 6/10. Has anyone seen this before? When i picked it up the service advisor wasn't there to explain.

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