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  1. UPDATE: So, I took my truck to my local GM dealer and they found a code thrown and are replacing my vacuum pump as we speak! FOR FREE. GM has put a bulletin out on 14-17 GMC/Chevy 1500 trucks about low-speed brake failure. Can't find it anywhere but its a thing. I'm sure it has to do with the lawsuits that GM has going on. Anyway, worth calling your dealer and having them run your VIN.
  2. Please let me know. Interesting to find what fixes it. So far I have had the booster replaced, and it has so far fixed it.
  3. Its the brake booster then! When I googled it, seems like a lot of people are having the issue, someone even has a lawsuit against GM over this. I called GM and they ofcourse gave me the run around. Its a shame you spend 50K on a vehicle and you have to put more money in it constantly to replace their cheap parts.
  4. Just had this happen. Going under 15mph, applying the brake causes the pedal to become stiff and lock up and not work. This has caused me to almost hit someone twice. Sounds to me like brake booster. Anyone else having/had this problem???
  5. I just bought one a month ago. though it has moon roof, they had it priced at dealer 35,900 with 35k miles. Only had it a week when I bought it, brought it home for 34,500. So I would agree, that's a little high. Check NADA book price.
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