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  1. Guess if this is a common issue I will need to keep an eye out on my 08 with 160k miles on the factory mount. Has to go out any day if your story is true about many people having the issue. I'll just order the mounts below and have them on a shelf waiting to be installed. 07-13 replacement motor mounts 07-13 Silverado motor mounts option 2
  2. Ya, they all are sluggish. What gears does it have? 3:08 is kind of an issue and if you have a 6 speed a 3:42 helps.. GM was not worried about towing as much as getting that MPG rating. Also a throttle controller helps a bunch, that throttle body could always use some real good tuning. They are very slow to respond.
  3. I assume you checked all clearance between valves and pistons during assembly? If you have a high compression you could be having a pre-detonation issue causing a ruff running condition. If you are good on clearance, Possibly try a higher octane fuel and test it and see what happens. If that resolves the issue, good for you. You will also want to be careful with high lift camshafts in the future as you could end up the a valve/ piston interference issue. What is the PSI when you did a compression test? Notes: 862 has some of the smallest valves of the LS heads. They will flow less than the old heads with high compression. Good chance they will clear but always good to check if block, head were decked and the pistons were swapped.
  4. Would have to be large difference in compression. With fuel injection it can adjust the air fuel ratio enough to run fine with a decrease or increase in compression. Did you use a different head gasket or mill the block/heads to cause a drop increase?
  5. Did you contact the people that did the oil change and ask that they make it right?
  6. 135K and possibly never had a flush. Start with a filter and fluid and test it, if you are still having the issue it could me more torque converter related or internal. I would just keep driving it unless it's really bad. A bad torque converter can mess up the crank shaft. I have replaced a few that had excessive end play due to failed torque converter, but the torque converter was knocking and obviously bad.
  7. I am not sure but would really like to know. I have considered this on my newer 08 as I also hate the auto air. One day I'll have some time to look over wiring and figure this out. Hope you get it, auto air sucks. I thought about just getting one and trying it but have not had a chance ether.
  8. Good to know someone noticed a difference, only difference mine makes is the turn signals flash 6 times instead of three. Other than that everything else is the same, shifts the same, tows the same, no difference.
  9. I have an 08 that had the same issues, Never installed the updated valve cover or the oil deflector in the oil pan, All I did was install a tune and turned off the AFM. You could still install the valve cover for peace of mind but GM never really knew what was causing the issue, they just tossed parts at it as they still do! I used a Super Chips Programmer, but you can get a black bear mail in tune cheap as well or you can get a range disabler on Amazon or Ebay for cheap and be happy as well, but main point is turn off AFM and change the oil.
  10. Try loosening up the sway bar on the frame, and also put the tires on the ground. Once installed with a pry bar and hammer you can resecure the sway bar to the frame. I have found this easier at times.
  11. That is crazy, I figured that bumper would have been to wide but it sure fits.
  12. It's not the camshaft, everyone that runs a stock AFM delete runs that cam. It's another issue. I have ran that cam on stock tune with AFM disabled with 0 issue, Did you verify correct timing? A good tech 2 would go a long way. Is the truck a E85 (flex fuel) truck? Could be reading a different octane than it is running and the throttle body could also need called. You can calibrate both with a tech II.
  13. I would hook up a mechanical gauge and check oil pressures. While it is good you free'd up the lifter it was stuck and could have free'd up some space for oil to flow causing a lower oil pressure. AFM is very picky about oil pressure and if not maintained it will fail lifters.
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