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    2008 Silverado 1500 LTZ, 1959 Chevy Apache
  1. Worse than that, it was $250. Lucky enough I went through Speedwaymotors and they are stand up folks. They will make it right.
  2. Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome from Tucson
  3. I have changed my tires to E rated and noticed no difference in daily driving. E rated tows better than passanger tires and make me feel better. No MPG different for me.
  4. I would for sure check the fluid, locking up could always get worse if not seenough too. I would thinking getting the rear end off the ground and spinning by hand would be a good start. I made a video when I serviced my 08 with a G80. Not sure if it will aid any, but it's a good start.
  5. That is interesting, what are some details on the truck, year, model ext. Have you pulled the diff cover and checked the rear end, listen to it and check it out. Does it have a G80 rear diff?
  6. Swapped out the chip on my 283 TBI set up for what I believe to be the correct chip. So far, so good.Additionally, I got my condenser from Vintage Air. Not thrilled. To be honest I would think it would be of better quality. I have gotten condenser's from Napa with cleaner looking fins and better packaging.
  7. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Wife said she could not find the truck since I removed the lift and chrome accessories. So I was forced to add some details. Opted for a 90s Chevy Sport Truck decal kit.
  8. 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 problem

    You say it would not start. Would the engine crank or was the power completely gone? Did your radio and all the still work? Just wanting to know if this is a no crank or a no start issue. I am assuming it is cranking but not starting. Check for spark and fuel both. While it is coil over you could be loosing power some place as well as not getting fuel pressure.
  9. Retro engine

    Very nice coloration of the engine, the CAI will really wrap it up nice.
  10. As mentioned, the truck conditions very by the PO. On a 13 your looking at a good truck. Take it for a drive and feel it out. 13 has most of its issues worked out, AFM was not as big and issue. Mine is an 08 but I have had no issues with AFM. I turned it on not to long back for a long road trip, no issue. It's back off now. 150k and still running good. Mine has a broken exhaust manifold bolt but that's to be fixed later, currently not affecting anything. Good luck on your shopping
  11. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    Ha, little late, but I found it.
  12. You need all the front end parts on them trucks, they just ware out. Common issue, ball joints, pitman arm, tie rods and anything else. No kits that I know if, rock auto has all to parts in moog problem solver or your local auto parts store. Often times the steering box has Plat as well and would benifit from and overhaul. Post some pictures of that bad boy as well.
  13. Oil

    IMHO I would run a synthetic or blended oil. As much as I love DINO oil, the prof is out that synthetic is better. You can get 5 QT on Amazon for 20-30 bucks and you can run it for 6 months or 6000 miles most of the time. Depends on what you use the truck for, Towing, hwy. Its hard to beat oil changes 2 times a year. I found I like to waste money and change it every 3K. Just my 2 cents. I'm a little biased on oil.
  14. Body swap info

    I think it would be pretty cool, be a good fit with a modern twist.
  15. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Guilty. LOL. I had a Porsche 928 with a Printed Circuit board. I cut an glued in a chunk of wire in place of a burnt section. It worked a long time and still does as far as I know. Just sold it.

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