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  1. Dorman 615-183 intake

    Nice, We're you able to take any more photos?
  2. I have seen new AFM Lifter bad out of the box. Possible a new lifter is bad. Also have heard a single click on start up and it was the A/C compressor turning on.
  3. A GM / Ford Merger???

    I think almost all companies will fail do to the inability to reach the EPA standards and no one is able to think of useful options. If they add an option it is something to do with the tablet on the dash and not a real option like windshield wipers or a spare tire. All options are for the most part useless. To add on the price of a car is so expensive that young people are opting for other options of transportation and would pass on spending money on a car or truck.
  4. Low Oil Pressure

    This is correct, way to many TBI engine work for me as of late. Ether way, could still be a bad sensor. Put on a mechanical gauge and check your pressures. Second, get a good sensor and don't purchase the cheapest one available. Standard Ignition 3 Terminal Oil Pressure Switch is not a bad switch. Lift time warranty, Made in the USA and available at O'reilly's oil Pressure Sensor
  5. Aftermarket chips

    Ya, As said before. Chips are long gone but aftermarket programming is available. What you trying to figure out for? Are you wanting to install one or are you having an issue.
  6. Low Oil Pressure

    You have 2 oil pressure sensors. The one on the back with a screen is for the dash only. May check the other sensor and make sure it is reading accurately. A mechanical gauge is always nice as well.
  7. Does sound of water in oil. You could have the oil tested and see what it was or you could check your oil on the next oil change. I have heard of engine that run very little can build up moisture as they never run hot enough to evaporate any water. Second, I would guess a head gasket or cylinder head issue. Gaskets are not bad to change on a 5.3
  8. Mine would act this way when I had the AFM turned on. When giving it gas slowly I could hold the V4 for a good while. My biggest issue is I did not think V4 was active at idle. I was pretty sure the vehicle had to be in motion for it to activate.
  9. Injector issue

    Sounds like you have an Arizona truck in New York. Dehumidifier would be your best bet.
  10. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    If you want to get down to it, Yes replace all 16, replace head gaskets, valley cover and use a VVT cam. But bare minimum depending on his budget. You could technically reuse the head bolts, head gaskets, cover gaskets, use pipe plugs on the oil galleys. Almost every gasket on the engine is considered re-usable. Call Texas speed and tell them your budget and goal, they will give you what you need. For all we know he may be wanting to fix it cheap and not buy another.
  11. Does it have a 4l60E or the 4L80? Also, did he remove the fuel injection and install a carb with the 77-79 engine?
  12. Fitment question

    Bolt pattern has not changed on the chevy. 6 lug should fit just fine on your 96. As they are aftermarket the offset may be an issue, I would ask for some measurements.
  13. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    I would call Texas Speed and they will tell you everything you need. You have VVT and can opt to keep it or remove it. Hold times can be long but TS can help you out. You really only need 8 lifter to replace the AFM lifter and the cam as well.
  14. Attached is a link to all the manuals for a GMC/ Chevrolet truck in 93. It can be done. I did this on my 93 GMC tail light harness. Link to downloads engine compartment and headlight.pdf
  15. My buddy uses the same tent when we camp. He enjoys it and you can get 15% - 25% all the time from the company if you sign up for the EMails. Works well if you plan to camp next to your truck on every camping trip.

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