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  1. Injector issue

    Sounds like you have an Arizona truck in New York. Dehumidifier would be your best bet.
  2. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    If you want to get down to it, Yes replace all 16, replace head gaskets, valley cover and use a VVT cam. But bare minimum depending on his budget. You could technically reuse the head bolts, head gaskets, cover gaskets, use pipe plugs on the oil galleys. Almost every gasket on the engine is considered re-usable. Call Texas speed and tell them your budget and goal, they will give you what you need. For all we know he may be wanting to fix it cheap and not buy another.
  3. Does it have a 4l60E or the 4L80? Also, did he remove the fuel injection and install a carb with the 77-79 engine?
  4. Fitment question

    Bolt pattern has not changed on the chevy. 6 lug should fit just fine on your 96. As they are aftermarket the offset may be an issue, I would ask for some measurements.
  5. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    I would call Texas Speed and they will tell you everything you need. You have VVT and can opt to keep it or remove it. Hold times can be long but TS can help you out. You really only need 8 lifter to replace the AFM lifter and the cam as well.
  6. Attached is a link to all the manuals for a GMC/ Chevrolet truck in 93. It can be done. I did this on my 93 GMC tail light harness. Link to downloads engine compartment and headlight.pdf
  7. Truck bed sport tent - camping

    My buddy uses the same tent when we camp. He enjoys it and you can get 15% - 25% all the time from the company if you sign up for the EMails. Works well if you plan to camp next to your truck on every camping trip.
  8. What is this you are working on? Year and model?
  9. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    MadTunes Racing (318) 490-2017 511 E Main St, Oak Grove, LA 71263 This place is about 1 1/2 hours north of you. $280 for the tune, around $1,200 labor plus parts. Guy was not 100% of the cam/lifter pricing but said he would be willing to get you a quote.
  10. Ya, they have been behind the curve in advancements the last few decades. In 08 everyone one was making 4 cyl economic cars and GM was not. Soon after they started. Now that everyone has electric they are jumping in. Smart for letting everyone else do the grunt work? Dumb for not being the first to innovate? They are loosing the competitive advantage fast.
  11. I would start by checking all switches. Unplug one at a time and see if the issue goes away. If it does you can trace the wires and possibly find the issue.
  12. Are you checking pressure with a gauge or are you going off what the TPMS are reading?
  13. Unable to find you an manual, but attached is a detailed owners guide that may help you. 2002_chevrolet_tahoe_owners.pdf
  14. is this an 07-13 silverado? If so the top dash panel can be taken off (most likely breaking along the way) and the wires and connectors on the drivers side can be secured. They make a lot of ruckus and can be fixed.
  15. 2007 GMC YUKON intermittently ticking

    When I worked at Cummins the ISX engine was having issue's with camshafts flaking and leading to more engine damage. They tracked the issue down to light weight synthetic oil. They also noticed that almost all of the engines would make it past the warranty, making for very few warrantable repairs. I say this because someone will chim in and say always run what the manufacturer recommends, some people believe that Chevrolet puts lots of money into research but the truth is the bank wont let them and you get what you get. 10W30 would make your engine last longer that 5W30.

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