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  1. More information and we would be happy to help. Do you hear or see the AC compressor coming on at Idle? I assume it works at road speed. Do the fans come on when at Idle. Does it blow at all or is the outside air coming in at speed and No air is blowing at all at idle.
  2. You have 2 ground wires on the front passengers side cylinder head. Are they both attached?
  3. Insurance quoting i latterly random. No insurance underwriter will ever write the same as another. Call multiple places and get quotes. I had USAA quote me $120 a month and in the same day Farm Bureau quoted me $750 for a whole year. Everything the same on coverage, I compared them side by side. Get Quotes!
  4. I can agree, they have maybe 2-3 people that know something on GM full sized and they all worship them and think everyone else is wrong. Even with all the repeat questions this is one of the more professional places to have a nice chat.
  5. Yes, Great engines and paired with a manual transmission makes it even better. If cared for you could drive that till you could no longer drive. I have seen farm trucks with the same combo that look like hammered dog Shi* and still run and drive with that combo.
  6. Pretty sure this has been discussed and the conclusion was it is 2 ways of doing the same thing. One was not better than the other.
  7. If it is a 4l60E I would call summit and they can get you a dorman or AC Delco but you will get a new tube and dip stick combo..
  8. Are you referring to the fill tube that the dip stick goes in? If so you can get an aftermarket that will work fine.
  9. You need to check pinion angle vs transmission tailshaft angle. You can cause damage if they are not correct. The rear axle can me shimmed if needed to add angle. You will need to go to a driveline shop for propped repair. A dealership prolly won't deal in this issue.
  10. You can but you need to make sure the fused power in the truck is rated the same as the fused power on the supplied harness. Also make sure no resistance is built into the supplied harness. If so you will need to add the same resistors inline.
  11. Prolly don't have one. Only one on the front to fill and sometimes on the rear cover. Remove cover to drain.
  12. I have seen hesitation from week fuel pumps and 305 injectors in a 350 and the other way around. Make sure you have fuel pressure in spec.
  13. Have you checked all the sensors to make sure they are plugged in and no wires were pulled out of connectors. Such as the cam position sensor.
  14. Should still start even without AFM turned off. Usually the plug is just left out after AFM delete and you can drive it to get a tune. Did you plug in the coils and is the fuel lines hooked up? Will be a gray plug going to each bank of coils. I would think you would see fuel running if not but take a look. Are the injectors all unplugged? Does anything happen or does it only crank?
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