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  1. Just an idea, but for the same money $2-4k you could pick up a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla and get 34mpg when you drive it. Save the truck for the days you really want power and the car would be more reliable than AFM.
  2. People are still paying stupid money for that set up, by all means buy it and sell it for more. The Jeep guys are putting them in rigs and seem to enjoy them.
  3. From what I looked at they are not the same. I was wanting one with a camera in it but was unable to make it swap cleanly.
  4. Ether way adding a 6.0 cam the a 5.3 give little to no improvement over the stock cam, the specs are not to far off. While they can be picked up cheaper than an aftermarket I would go for a Summitracing truck cam over a 6.0 cam in a 5.3. You will notice little if any HP gains for the swap.
  5. As said, check the TPS (throttle position sensor) they can be an issue on this truck but are easily repaired.
  6. Price drop to match KBB average asking price. $10,400 Arizona, no rust truck....
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is what I did and have had no issues. Dorman Exhaust Manifold Mounting Hardware 03413B
  8. GruvenParts offers a insert to replace the factory inserts in the door handle. The factory inserts can come lose and fall out. The new inserts seem to work well and I feel they hold better.
  9. That is a common issue and given the area and how difficult it can be to get access to that is not a bad price. Ask that they replace all the manifold bolts while they are at it.
  10. It's a shame you had to spend so much on an AFM delete. Parts normally around $800-$1000. Good that your back on the road.
  11. Is this a new or used programmer? If new I would call Superchips. You can hook it up to a PC and update if needed.
  12. I stuck a bolt in the hole with a head small enough to clear the balancer and use a 3 jaw puller. Pulls it off every time. Drill a pilot hole in the head of the bolt to hold the puller center.
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