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  1. I think we need to calm down and breath. Now that your calmed down WTF. I would be pissed. I once got rear ended by a brand new F-150, in my 96 Escort. Dealer was using it to go to lunch. All the side windows and the rear windows shattered, front bumper came off and the fender bend. My escort did not have a scratch. The dealer fixed the truck and sold it, No clue if they ever told the guy, but it was obviously repainted. Point being, Dealers just need to sell and they wont disclose if the repair was done without insurance being informed. I would contact them for sure.
  2. Noob Question

    I am wondering what year sun roof became an option. I know it was never an option on the trucks in the GMT400 series. Almost everyone I have seen has been aftermarket and went down the A piller and to the ground. Most the time the clog is in the top but sometime a hose will clog. Even the 488 page detailed Owners Manual talks nothing of the sun roof. See if you have an RPO code in the glove box of CF3 - CF4 - CF5 - CF7. I'll do some research, See what I can find.
  3. Your gonna get prolly 100 different diagnosis options but I have found the best option is to have an ALDL cable and monitor everything that is happening. On the older stuff it is best to have an OHM meter and check the coolant temp sensor and other sensors. This sensor often times reads wrong and will give the wrong amount of fuel to start at different temps. Also, you can reset your IDLE air control valve or just take it off and clean it, if its out of wake you could have an issue. This is all free stuff to check without throwing parts at it. Also check fuel pressure, fuel pressure is vital on a TBI. I strongly recommend an ALDL cable and it helps a lot with diagnostics.
  4. fuel problem

    Welcome the the forum! Why did you replace the fuel pump? What was the original issue? Have you checked fuel pressures?
  5. Truck longevity

    If you continue to take care of it and hope the last owner took care of it then I dont see 500K being an issue. I had a V8 from the 80s (Porsche 928) that was basically the same design as a 5.3 (fuel injections and basic block) and I had over 300K on it. All the 4L60E transmission I have owned made it well past 200K before a rebuild and the axle should last if oil is changed. Worst you would need to do is replace the G80. My option is that early 5.3 was bare bones and built to last. No AFM or other goodies to kill the life. The plastic is going to fail before the engine does.
  6. I understand you pain. I have been looking to have a house built and my current garage has me fighting to get in and out with 2 full size vehicles parked. I have asked many builders if they could do a 26 wide garage so I have door room when parked inside. They all say no they wont do custom builds. 3 car is really the only option for space and you have a little space for a project. I have been thinking about what they call a 4 car garage. One bay is really deep and the 3 are shallow but still narrow. May see if you can make the 3rd garage wider or have a separate area for the truck. Really just need to do a customer build for full size trucks. Good luck on your gauge.
  7. Motofab Level

    Drive it, I know tons of people who's trucks have lowered over time. If 1500, the spring will compress as your pushing on the spring in order to raise the truck. If 2500 the spring bars will give a little over time as your adding to the twisting force. Your call, wait or jump on it.
  8. They make 2 types of filters that go in the truck. One is a paper filter and will not reduce any smell. The second more expensive filter will filter some smell, but you will still have some smell if not on recirculation.
  9. SOLD: FS Aftermarket Android Car Stereo

    Thanks Chris. Funds have been transferred.
  10. I agree, I grew up when you installed loud exhaust. Its just what you did and if you wanted it quieter you installed a different muffler. I never once heard anything about Drone, it was ether to loud or not loud enough. Most people were looking for the most rumble out of a muffler. Guess its is just a phase and should pass.
  11. Motofab Level

    Understood, How many miles to you have on it? Most leveling kits go down over time. Just nature with the extra pressure. I would think taking a few turns out of the keys would be IDeal.
  12. Noob Question

    Ya, GM known how to hide them good. They will ether run down the A piller or come out in the front in the wiper arm area. This guy shows you kind of how they hide stuff. Not sure why I am unable to find anything on the 97 Yukon. I have had this issue with almost every sun roof I have worked on. I even worked on a few Porsches and was unable to get much help from the manufacturer. Sun roofs are an afterthought from the manufacturer.
  13. Noob Question

    This may be a possibility, newer model, but maybe they did not change much. I had a car with aluminum drain tubes once, It was easy to clean with an air gun.
  14. Motofab Level

    Add some blocks to the rear and lift it up a little.

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