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  1. Swung by and talked to the service manager today. Feel bad for the man, he's been out driving around ~5 hours so far and hasn't leveled it up to Level 3 yet on Learning Point C1 (has to do the same for two other points). He has to shift between very specific rpms in a speed range of 30-45 mph. Only the engineers have the software to see how many shifts are left, dealers can only see the level. He also compared the pressure on my transmission to a few others on the lot. Mine is still far and above higher than any others, 20-40 kPa, the engineer thinks that it'll adjust those pressures at level 3. Props to the service manager for taking this on though, I can't fathom the insanity of blindly shifting 10k times for each of these points by himself.
  2. On a semi related note - http://fordauthority.com/2019/08/ford-f-150-10-speed-transmission-subject-new-lawsuit/ This all sounds familiar to what we've been experiencing on our 8 Speed Silverado's and helps build a theory that these issues aren't localized to one manufacturer or another, these newer "Learning" transmissions are struggling in some cases and manifesting in some very rough behavior.
  3. I feel like my ride is pretty good overall, i don't know if i'd call it bouncy, it's def stiffer than my 16'. But that Traction Control likes to kick in like it's no one's business and that makes the back end feel jumpy.
  4. They topped it off after putting 300 miles on it another time and popped dents from hail damage while it was in service so I hope they repeat that courtesy. Thinking about it, it is a shame that about 10% of my miles are from service visits, but hopefully this moves things forward.
  5. TLDR; Our trucks are video games. And the engineer repeated a 3-1 bump downshift. The Problem: Engineer said the truck has learning levels and currently it is barely in level 2. There are essentially four levels that I know of. In order for it to get to level 3 where the issues should start to level off they need to do 10,000 shifts a different CV points (clutch/torque converter points or something i'm not exactly sure.) These shift points need to pass some set of internal tests and if they are not passing tests they do not count. In order to level up again to get your transmission to level 4 you need to do 100 thousand more shifts after reaching level 3. The end result of being in a low level means that my transmission pressure is much higher than it should be at these CV points (they gave me specific numbers but I can't remember them off the top of my head, 20-40 kpa higher). I believe I'm having issues with CV1/4/5. As a result when the pressure is high it's causing it to bump, slam, lose power, and do skip shifts. The engineer repeated a 3-1 bump/lurch coming to a stop during the test drive today. The Proposed Solution: The dealership will be driving my truck Monday until they can get it to level three in order to do this they have to put it into manual mode and then shift manually up and down between 4th and 5th and 3rd and 2nd. Once they complete this they have to pull over on the side of the road check a laptop to see what level they're at and how far away they are and keep repeating until they hit level three. Thoughts: I'm not entirely thrilled with the solution being.. force a bunch of shifts through your vehicle from gears 5-4-3* and back and 3-2 and back every 3 seconds in order for internal transmission tests to pass in a short amount of time. But i'm incredibly interested if that's the fix. Also, @HondaHawkGT you were spot on with the learning solution you recommended. This falls right in line with the learning hack you suggested. I didn't know that there's many points where the trans learns, which is good to know. Hopefully I can learn some more information and report back on these adventures.
  6. Ahh sorry to hear that everyone. I have an appointment Friday and a field engineer is coming out to take a looks at my truck. Fingers crossed it acts up for him. Somedays it's still running flawlessly, plenty of power smother shifting, etc. And other days it feels sluggish off the line, laggs between gears, bumps and slams. Hopefully I can return with some good news.
  7. Yeah, it happens randomly still, can't get anyone to reproduce it. Has good days and bad days. I had something new the other day where it took 1-2 seconds to shift into 2nd while I was flat out trying to merge with traffic the other day. Complete power loss while it was trying to find 2nd. Then it was fine the rest of the day. Was working with GM Service senior advisors and then they transfer'd my case to a non senior agent who proceed to tell me it must be normal. I'm working another avenue right now and they're supposed to update me from the quality control team today.
  8. Thanks for the update @caddydaddy25. Do you have a TAC case I might be able to reference? Glad to hear you're getting a new transmission, best of luck.
  9. So apparently the advisor confused me over the phone, they were referring to a fix for another climate control infotainment issue and not the transmission. Whoops. Back to hoping they can acknowledge and repeat the lurching.
  10. TLDR; GM working on a fix. Great News, GM has acknowledged the lurching / hard shift issue on the 2019's there's a TSB that references the issue and GM is working on a fix. Thanks to whomever might have helped GM repeat this issue, hopefully it can be resolved swiftly and alleviates the issues we've been seeing. Thanks to everyone participating here, i'll update when I can get the TSB from the dealership, unfortunately they called while I was on the motorcycle today so no chance to write down the TSB. I only know that it's acknowledged and they are working on a fix. I'm not sure whether it's a hardware or software resolution yet. Cheers.
  11. @wizard4878, thanks for the response. I also apologize if I came off as brash, I get frustrated as well when others say they have issues but will wait for a fix when none exists yet. You and @econometrics are right, no one wants to be disappointed by any vehicle that's purchased by our hard earned money. You ask a great question, and one i've described to the dealerships many times which is nearly impossible for them to repeat without a ride along to work. I commute in DC traffic for around 1.5 hours each way in stop and go traffic with distracted drivers all around. No off roading, no strange roads, i'm probably on the more aggressive side of the driving spectrum, mostly due to the frustration of dozens of distracted drivers every day. I think you're right, I have a talent that I'd happily trade lol. I appreciate you asking your local dealer and sharing, my dealer is saying the same thing, they've had some really strange other issues. But nothing on the 19' related to the transmission/drivetrain besides mine. They even mentioned a vehicle that drive's like it's stuck in 4wd when in 2wd. 8-/ I drove it yesterday to work, was flawless all the way in. Then on the return trip was randomly clunky at low speeds all the way home till I shifted to park to drop off my coworker, then it was smooth the rest of the way home. The strangest parts are the extreme shifts on low speed upshifts and downshifts after reversing or leaving the vehicle in a parking lot for anywhere from 5m to 1h. It's only happened a hand full of times but is shocking when it happens, and these instances in the videos haven't happened on the normal commute (just normal weekend driving). Thanks again for the response, I didn't take it personally and I hope you're truck does better than mine or others. What I was trying to emphasize is that if people do have issues, saying nothing to the dealer helps none of us. I'd love to see everyone with issues to bring up the issues with their local dealers as well, hopefully with enough TAC cases they can find a resolution through one of us. Happy 4th of July all.
  12. I understand what you're saying here. but this leads to no resolutions and follows the BS TAC Case GM is spitting out with the "Normal Hard Shift and no degradation to your vehicle over time". You quoted something prior to the video post where @econometrics also said that what I've documented is worth a look at. I can guarantee it's not normal. Best advice I can give to help us all: Please, if you see something say something. if you say nothing, nothing will happen to improve or fix any issues for the rest of us. @wizard4878 Great, i'm happy you aren't having issues, or if you are, they are not bad enough to talk to someone, but that's not helpful to those of us that are. Watch the jerkiness of the videos first please and acknowledge other comments before calling people sensitive. I've already acknowledged that I'm hypersensitive to shifting. But literally zero loaners from Chevrolet and zero other vehicles that i've driven in my life have had similar behavior. Don't get me wrong. I love the truck, but I want it to work like it should and i'd be happy to keep the vehicle. This behaves worse than my 16' did when it took me 20k miles to have it diagnosed with a blown torque converter at 35k miles. I want this one to stop slamming myself and passengers uncomfortably in the vehicle. Currently, 4 times I have been slam shifted at under 2.4k miles, (lurched forward, up-shift lag lurches you name it. ) which is unacceptable on any vehicle, not just a new one. I'd like to say that 3.5k miles is better now. but I can't. clunky and whammy even in sport mode, manual mode, trailer mode. Even after driving smooth at highway for 5-6 hours it turns sour when coming back to normal slow speeds in stoplight traffic. Again, if you have issues, please take it in to the shop, Maybe your reproduction of the issue can help us all. Maybe GM will acknowledge something to help us all. That's all we all want. A truck we all bought to just work and not to be sensitive and slam us around. There are plenty of other ways to get slammed around and most of us prefer not to pay truck prices to get that thrill.
  13. Got it back last week from the 2nd opinion 3rd Repair Attempt. Same unable to repeat and referenced the "Normal" 1-2 shift TSB. Had a road trip and put 1k miles on it. Did great on the highways but as soon as I got off the highways it started clunking around. Nothing as aggressive as before, but we all know that happens randomly. Sorry I haven't been able to find anything yet, still working through it. Interested to hear if anyone else has had any luck.
  14. Just found this but i've been pushing pretty hard on GM to get someone to look at it. Short is no one will touch it unless they can repeat it at the dealership. I've got a thread going on my experience so far, which is.. disappointing.
  15. My new favorite comment from GM in regards to my appointment tomorrow at another dealership for a second opinion (3rd Attempt). This was not from my good Customer Care representative.
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