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  1. Sure does, has a cover for each of those cubbies and cupholder, it's tight and pulls a little when you open and close them but I don't really use them much anyways. It was a pain to tuck the flaps from the seat part of the cover in behind the plastic. (they give you a little plastic tool to help) Besides that, a pretty smooth install.
  2. Thought i'd share a few pics of the Ruff Tuff Seat protector I just installed on my 2020 Crew Cab. Really nice quality and fit (It's tight), still allows for 60/40 bench split and covers the carpet underneath the seats which will help with the dog hair and kids. It's highly water resistant and even had a small layer of foam on the insides do add a little more cushion. I left off the head covers for now but it came with those as well. https://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-Kryptek-Camo-Seat-Covers-by-Ruff-Tuff/1586833.uts?productVariantId=5248562
  3. Westin HDX Nerf Bars. IMO they give a really nice complement to the sharp angles of the truck.
  4. Not sure exactly which cover they are using but they had a cover on this CarbonPro bed on TFL truck. Might spawn some ideas for those looking closely.
  5. Well, quick update, I tried having a resonator welded on in front of the muffler but allegedly the one I had would be too close to hitting the body of the truck the way the Gibson exhaust lines up. And my stock exhaust was too poorly sawzall'd for them to feel like a weld would hold on it... So... I ended up gambling and picking up and installing the Borla Touring system. Early impressions are that there's significantly less interior noise and it's generally a much quieter exhaust system but still has a bit of bark when you put your foot in it. I'd say that it's similar to stock volume but the bass is turned up a few decibels. I'll update once I have a little more drive time but I think this will do just fine. If anyone near Virginia is looking for a Gibson System for a 6.2L i'd happily be interested in selling. It's a great system, felt great, sounded great, just too loud for me.
  6. The tune is dealer installed. According to some other threads some dealers charge for labor for that tune, the CAI should come with a "tune card" or something to take to the dealer. Also FWIW, i've talked with Borla who makes the GM performance exhaust. the Borla touring is supposed to be almost identical in sound/performance to the GM Performance exhaust, the only differences are allegedly cosmetic and a tiny tone difference which they said would only be noticeable side by side. I actually just ordered a Borla touring set, just waiting for it to stop raining so I can install it. It was a bit cheaper from an authorized dealer (parts-via) than the GM Performance Exhaust (shopshevyparts.com) and had free next day shipping.
  7. Had a 2019 5.3 RST 8 speed with transmission issues. GM repurchased and I built a 2020 6.2 RST 10 speed and am super happy with it. Very smooth and responsive compared to any of the 8 speeds I drove.
  8. I spoke with Gibson, they suggested adding a resonator to the line, they said either in front or behind the muffler will do the trick. It'd quiet it down quite a bit they said, but it'd remove the drone.
  9. I've used a bit of wd-40 and a flathead screwdriver to get them out too. They aren't too bad. Just threaded the flathead through the hanger and used a little leverage to pop them out them. There's lots of videos on youtube for how to remove hanger brackets. Channel lock pliers are another easy way as @MG386 said.
  10. Decided to revert back to stock. I'm taking it to an exhaust place next week to have it welded back together (of course I cut it when removing it) _facepalm_. I wanted to try the GMPE or Borla touring (basically the same thing) but I don't really want to gamble $1,200 to find out. No dealers in my area have any trucks listed with the GMPE so that's not an option to go check out. Oh well... Stock is way better IMO than my eardrums being messed up, I guess good hearing is a blessing and a curse. . Thanks for the advice and open discussion.
  11. I have spoken with borla reps and they say sound doesnt really change much between GMPE and borla touring. I've been trying to do more research and think i'm more drone sensitive than pitch sensitive when it comes to these exhausts. I also will try to chat with my dealers and get a ride in a GMPE equipped vehicle. It's all too bad, love the feel and sound of the exhaust at most times. I think it's just more persistent than I can handle, WAF (wife acceptance factor) has dwindled as well.
  12. Thanks @truck_newbie, great suggestion and for understanding what i'm experiencing. I think it's probably a sensitivity to louder exhausts, I know i'm sensitive to high pitches, I had the GM performance on my 5.3 and it didn't bother me at all. Even watching a video on my computer is getting my ears lol... Here's a link for some cabin noise so you can compare to yours maybe. (sorry for the shaky video) I've gotten the dealership to price match me before so maybe i'll do that since i've got accessories credit from the purchase. Trying to tough it out to see if it quiets down like you were saying. It's definitely not as "tame" to my ears as I was expecting.
  13. I found this before, similar to what's in the manual but has a good description of the 4x4 modes: https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/how-to/when-to-use-four-wheel-drive Also one on the drive modes here for some light reading: https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/all-new-sierra-traction-select-system
  14. Yeah, hoping it tones down a little, I love the sound but either my ears are sensitive to the pitch or the minor drone but I haven't been able to pin it down. Got some ear fatigue today and have a bunch of pressure in my inner ear like it needs to pop and is still present a couple hours after getting out of the truck. Gonna recheck all the connections tonight, maybe something is loose. My commute is in pretty heavy traffic so i'm stop/go and coast for most of it and in the car for over an hour. Started noticing my ear about 20 min into the ride today.
  15. Thanks your review was actually one of the reasons I went with Gibson. Well see if it tames out a bit. Today is only my 3rd day driving it and it's been pretty aggressive so far.
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