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  1. Thanks your review was actually one of the reasons I went with Gibson. Well see if it tames out a bit. Today is only my 3rd day driving it and it's been pretty aggressive so far.
  2. I had a 2019 that the usb-c/usb in the console quick working. GM repurchased that for some other issues and my 2020 is dropping the android auto connection randomly. Really irritating, happening on all usb-c ports, hard to tell if it's a wiring issue or an infotainment bug.
  3. Just wanted to post some thoughts/info about the Gibson Exhaust I just installed, I'm working on getting some decent sound clips together but i'll give the general review. Install process wasn't too bad, make sure to take the time and triple check all the alignments before cranking everything down, I thought I was good but of course things shifted a little after my first test drive and one of the pipes was tapping the heat shield for the spare tire. Just had to loosen everything from the muffler back and rearrange. Probably could have saved a bit of time if I would have wiggled on everything while I was down there. I'm not a fan of the clamps that were provided, they do ok, but you really have to torque them down or they wont bind the pipes. The Borla clamps on my previous truck seemed much easier to install. My opinion of the exhaust system is that it's overall really good. Really turns the bass up from stock. Not overly loud but puts off a nice aggressive tone that you can feel and hear in the cabin. If you're coasting/cruising it's almost not noticeable. Any light throttle you'll know it's there and it definitely turns up the volume. You can hear it rolling down through the gears on the 10 speed when coming to a stop which puts off a nice note on the gear changes. As far as drone, there really isn't anything bad, I had an MBRP cat-back before and that thing sounded like there was a helicopter in the car with you. In certain light throttle cruising situations, generally between 20-35 MPH, DFM will kick in and you'll hear a "glug glug glug" bassy chugging sound, kinda makes it sound like it's thirsty. Not so much annoying as comical. My father in-law described it as sounding like it had a cam upgrade. I had a '16 with the 5.3 GM Factory exhaust (Borla Touring) and compared to that this seems to have slightly more bass and a much more pronounced volume increase than the Borla touring did. If I had any gripes it'd be the clamps and the cruising volume is just slightly higher than i'd prefer but something i'll easily become used to, once you have some music going at about 1/4 volume + it pretty much covers it up unless accelerating. Purchased for $535.28 after tax with no shipping charges from realtruck.com https://realtruck.com/p/gibson-exhaust-systems/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2019/ Part #: GPE-65692 - Gibson Dual Exhaust System (Factory Tips)
  4. Hey all, Just curious if I stumbled across something that disabled auto start/stope. I recently removed the negative battery terminal during an exhaust swap. Afterwards it seems that auto start/stop is no longer functioning. Not sure, but maybe something shorted when reconnecting the battery terminal, there was a small spark. Or the only other thought that stands out is that I tried to remote start it with the hood open a couple drives after the swap and maybe that disabled it. It made a couple clicks but wouldn't start. Either way it hasn't done an auto stop since. I'm curious if the remote start did it or not. It shouldn't have low battery, under 1k miles, but maybe that's the case. I've read other posts and these are the possible triggers that might prevent auto stop from occurring.
  5. GM just repurchased my 2019 RST with the 5.3 V8 w/ 8 speed for transmission issues (only 7500 miles on it). Just picked up the 2020 RST 6.2L w/ 10 speed and so far the truck drives much better. The engine feels way more peppy and makes the truck feel much more responsive and enjoyable to drive. I'd say if you can swing it, go for it. IMO, it's worth the grin it puts on my face. I'm getting about the same if not better fuel efficiency from the 6.2 as well. Think they're only rated at a 1mpg difference but i'm not in the higher RPM's as much w/ the 6.2 since there's a ton of low end torque.
  6. You should be able to use those arrows to navigate to the "Music" display centered on your dashboard if you go two to the right from the default display. You can select your favorites and change stations from there. It's not perfect, but it's something.
  7. He mentioned in the end @5:22, every time there's power to the running/parking lights the fog lights will come on. I'd expect that to happen during auto start, or even just on the unlock from the remote or door.
  8. I ended up with the Westin HDX Drop Nerf, really happy with the results and love the angles. (note mind the bolt sizes, accidentally grabbed the wrong one when installing and put a small dent in the board that i'd probably be the only one to ever notice. *longer ones mount to the truck.*) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K22TMRW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Someone posted a video on this. Maybe helpful.
  10. It's been a long time, i've been trying to hold tight until everything was resolved, a lot has been going on but i'll try to keep it brief. GM gave up trying to repair my truck and returned it back to me back in September, offered a "Repurchase Trade" as a possible solution. I chose not to go with the same model and opted for a built 2020 RST 6.2 w/ 10 speed. Of course that was during the strike. November the build order was approved, December the vehicle was built and shipping began, the week prior to Christmas the truck was delivered. The paperwork was finally delivered on 1/24/20 and I picked up the new truck. This week on my way home 1/22, at approximately 7835 miles, the gremlins finally won and the dashboard started flashing all the lights you don't want to see. (see attached), Service Parking Brake, ESC, check engine, all started flashing at me. The truck began shuddering under any acceleration, making a humming noise, gear shifts were all over the place and wouldn't shift up if the engine was over 3k rpm, traction/ESC was gone, and at idle it was knocking and shaking. I’m awaiting come information from the dealership to let you all know what happened but no word yet. I have some gripes with GM throughout this process, detailed more below, but they clearly had no interest in investing anymore resources to me as a customer once I decided to move forward with the buyback process, they have no interest in providing assistance nor a system in place for supporting long running builds. It was a nightmare trying to communicate with the "Customer Care" program, they wouldn't respond to emails or calls for weeks at a time. The last call with "Customer Care" they refused loaner support for recall repairs, refused to communicate via email or provide anything in writing, and told me I would receive no further support from GM. While I did get a good “deal” from the repurchase, it would have been nice to have some support from Sept-Jan. Recap Since August: Nothing was ever fixed, the Service Manager resigned and the ball got dropped on my vehicle as it sat on the lot for over a month. GM authorized "Repurchase Trade" - For those unfamiliar, my offer was that GM would buyback the vehicle in exchange for another new vehicle. The cost would be MSRP Difference, Milage ($.25/mile) from first report, taxes/fees. GM stopped reimbursing the dealership for a loaner vehicle forcing the dealership to return my vehicle unfixed. (I was in a loaner for >60 days in total when they returned the truck in October) Problems with the transmission had been continuing to happen which I continually relayed to the dealership and GM. Dealership said they'd "look at it", but I'd have to stay there and wait with it for a few hours. GM refused to provide a loaner to fix known safety recalls N192270600 and N192268090, and said there would be no further help to me since my vehicle was "drive-able" and that I had chosen to do a "Repurchase Trade". Truck finally broke down and limped back to the dealership, who did the right thing and still gave me a loaner vehicle until everything can hopefully be resolved this week. I hope everyone is having better experiences, from what I hear from the dealership the issues I have had are pretty rare and on the extreme side. I just wanted to close the loop on this thread since I also like to hear if there was any resolution to other troubleshooting threads. Unfortunately in my case, I don't have a solution for anyone. I'm trying to get the error codes to provide to you all from the dealership but no guarantees. Anyways, good luck to everyone, and happy new year!
  11. i've talked to Borla and posted about the duals before. I'm not sure what "mods" would be suggested where true duals gain more than the 1-2. I assume more than just a CAI.
  12. There's one clip from Borla on the 2019's but the audio quality is pretty awful. (I think it's been posted before. )
  13. Let us know how you like the Gibson. I've heard it on one of the Black Widow SCA's. I thought it sounded good but didn't drive it.
  14. Your welcome, glad it was helpful. Sorry about your experience. The guys i've talked with via email have been helpful in my interactions. Hopefully you're S-Type smooths out as it "breaks in". Good luck!
  15. FYI, received this from Borla after Ian responded regarding questions about the True Duals.
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