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  1. I own an older Chevy and here's my thought process. I wanted tow mirrors so I looked at OEM. I know they are good but the price was crazy, I thought. So I looked at aftermarket and, while the price was tolerable, the reviews I read were sub standard. Vibrations, poor glass quality, not as robust.... Had me wary of them. Could you get a good set? Sure but I didn't think they'd be real great. Just my .02 Sent from my SM-J320V using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys. To OP I like the factory black wheels you posted. They are my favorites of the new generation wheels. But me personally I'm not a fan of putting big wheels on my vehicle. I'd love to do a set of these Mayhem Warriors someday with the AMP A/Ts. I would try to shoot for 285/70r17 personally. I work for an automotive distributor and hopefully I'll be able to afford the employee discount! Sent from my SM-J320V using Tapatalk
  3. This is fantastic information!! Thank you so much for sharing it! Is there any way you could take some pictures and show the alternative locations and how you work around the manifold?? Also could I see pictures of how you made the alternative wiring harness? Sorry for all the questions, I am desperate to fix this and I don't want to figure out how to pull the manifold if I don't have to. Sent from my SM-J320V using Tapatalk
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