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  1. I went through this and ended up trading in my perfectly fine and low mileage 2017 Suburban for a 2019 Suburban Premier Plus with the 6.2L and 10-speed. I took a huge hit, but once I priced out trying to do what you are suggesting it wasn't worth it. The other problem is that the vehicle will remain rated for what it came from the factory with. This means if you go through a weigh station and they run your VIN and find you are overloaded you could pay a huge fine and be sidelined from continuing on your way. Heaven forbid if you are in an accident with the trailer and you are over the original tow rating you could be liable for damages and fines, as well. We tow a Winnebago Minnie Plus that is around 6700# loaded and it does fine. The Max Trailering package (which gets you the full tow rating) also gives you an integrated brake controller and trailer sway control that you won't get by adding an aftermarket brake controller. Bite the bullet and get the right truck for your trailer. It is worth it in the long run.
  2. Hi all, have a 2019 Suburban Premier Plus with the 6.2L and 10-speed tranny. I tow a Winnebago trailer that is around 6700# loaded and would like to add a tranny cooler. Where is the best place in the tranny fluid line to do this? Pics are appreciated.
  3. I want to add a second battery to my 2017 Suburban. There is already a place for one under the hood. Anybody done this? Any links to equipment needed and how to hook up? What size/rating isolator do I need? Thanks.
  4. 3rd vehicle with SAT and first one to have issues. Had antenna replaced, no better.
  5. I'm not trying to increase the GVWR, just approximate what a similarly equipped Suburban would be able to tow. Went to a Chevy dealer yesterday and talked to a couple of the mechanics. They agree that all the differences between a Suburban with and without the Max Trailer Package can be retrofitted fairly easily, although it will cost a lot more than the $520 the package costs as an option. I'm also not looking to tow at the max. I just want a trailer and gear around 6500-6800 pounds. That's not enough to make trading in on another Suburban worthwhile or cost effective.
  6. If those things are the only physical differences between the vehicles then why wouldn't it? Same frame, same engine, same hitch, same running gear (except for gear ratio).
  7. Every vehicle I have ever purchased has had a towing package. This being my first Chevy (2017 Suburban) I assumed that a towing package on the sticker meant it had a towing package. Apparently, GM does things differently. There is a "Towing Equipment Package" and a "Max Trailering package." The equipment package simply means the vehicle comes with a hitch and light connector and 3.08 gears, period. With this you can tow up to 6300 pounds. The trailering package includes a lower gear ratio (3.42), airbags, heavy duty suspension and a trailer brake controller. With this you can tow up to 8400 pounds. These are the only differences according to GM. We want to get a travel trailer, but the ones we are considering will put us in the 7000-8000 pound range when loaded. If I have the rear end regeared, add air bags and a brake controller can I tow the heavier trailer? Finding a new Suburban with the Max Trailering Package is near impossible, and you can't get it on a Premier, so I would have to give up a lot of the bells and whistles I have on my current LT. I really like my truck and don't want to trade it in even if I could find one with the Max trailer package. What say you?
  8. Hopefully, not as useless as the current OnStar Shop is.
  9. What advantages to the additional weatherstrip? Will it fit my 2017 Suburban?
  10. I had the regular OnStar nav from the factory and the offerings through the Shop were very sparse. Basically, Weather app and some reward program app. I just had my truck upgraded with the OEM standalone Nav, but have not been able to get the OnStar Shop to work as of yet. I'm wondering what offerings are available on this setup that wasn't on my original setup? Should I care? Anything worthwhile? Thanks.
  11. You're not alone. Here in sunny FL it is a real pain. Thinking of painting mine flat black for this very reason.
  12. Great. Could you elaborate on what was involved and how much it cost? Thanks.
  13. I'm wondering about this, as well. Many options on my Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee could be added simply by a hardware kit and/or a software upgrade by the dealer that could unlock the feature as it was either already installed by the factory, or a wiring harness for it was part of the original harness. I would love to add the HUD to my 2017 'Burb. I noticed that some of its features are already present (like the 5 bright red LEDs that warn when you are too close to a moving vehicle in front of you). Can this be done?
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